Drupal FAIL panel - did you suck at Drupal?

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Did you suck at Drupal? Have you been responsible for a Drupal-related disaster? Or perhaps you’ve created a mess of another CMS? You are not alone!

Consider telling your tale of fail at the Drupal Fail Panel & Group Therapy Session at ALA Annual in New Orleans this summer, sponsored by the LITA Drupal Interest Group.

Drupal FAIL might include:

* Installation FAIL
* Migration FAIL
* Permissions FAIL
* Upgrade FAIL
* Taxonomy FAIL
* Module FAIL
* Theme FAIL
* Roll-out FAIL
* Marketing FAIL

Tell us what went wrong and, if you recovered, how did that work and what were the long-term ramifications of the FAIL. (Comedy welcome!)

We can then share a group hug and learn from each other's mistakes in a Q & A session.

Send a short proposal or any questions you may have to Christopher Evjy (chris.evjy@gmail.com) or Kara Reuter (kreuter@worthingtonlibraries.org). Please send proposals by March 25.


Not going to ALA this year, but...

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this sounds like a great panel and sorry to miss it!!!! Would you be down to except written accounts to share with folks?


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We'll accept written accounts. Even cooler if you could do a video account and post it to Vimeo or something!

Thx for your interest! Shoot me an email at chris.evjy at gmail.


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Lol :D awesome panel! Unfortunately i'll fail to participate.

plz spread the word

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participation FAIL, the worst! Sorry you can't make it. If you can think of anyone who may be interested plz spread the word. We're actively looking for panelists.



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When's the program? I don't really have anything to add but I definitely want to attend. s.


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Found it! Monday, June 27 - 1:30-3:30 pm. I'll be there. ;)


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