Google Summer of Code projects?

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April 8 is the deadline for submitting project ideas for this years Google Summer of code:

Lets see if we can carve out a spec for something that a student can spend a couple of weeks of coding on in the coming week :)


More like three months

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Summer of Code projects are three months long, beginning in May.

I don't necessarily think that this initiative is a good match for Summer of Code. SoC projects want to end with a finished and implemented chunk of code, something the student can show. Typically we don't do core projects for Summer of Code, because the path from idea to implementation is so much longer and the community interactions more complicated. I think the same is true here, and without clear some path to see any coding project actually implemented, I worry it will just be frustrating for a student.

Actually, one potential path might be if Derek was willing to mentor improvements to Project* that dovetail with the issue queue improvements. That might work out really well.

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