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Improving Collaboration and Consensus Building in Drupal Issue Queue

What's your idea?

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Reputation systems: how others do it

Points/voting based systems


Slashdot implemented a system of user-based moderation of content and "karma" for users. Randomly selected moderators can vote on reviews and comments on the site. Users gain "karma" based on votes their comments get. Users with high "karma" have higher chance become moderators. "Moderator" is temporary position, they are randomly selected within users with high enough karma. Each moderator gets 5 moderation points, when all points are used - user loses moderator status. Same user can gain moderator status again later.

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Exploring Solutions: Better Tools for Large Initiatives

On very own example of Prairie Initiative we can see that there is no convenient place/way on d.o to plan and manage big initiatives/activities.

Currently first idea which comes to mind when one is managing initiative like Prairie is building separate website for it. Ideally this should not be the case as d.o must provide environment for this kind of work and not force people going elsewhere.

There are 2 possible ways to manage big initiatives right now: via issue queue and via g.d.o. Both are not working very well, probably because both of them were designed for other purposes.

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Exploring solutions: Better Module/Theme Listing Pages

A page that is closely linked to the individual project pages http://groups.drupal.org/node/137914 is the Module (theme) listing page.

This page can be filtered a lot, but keeps basically the same look, if you filter by Module category, most installed or whatever. And they are also the same if you list Modules, Installation profiles or Themes.
What tasks do those pages try to accomplish and how do they achieve / fail?

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Exploring solutions: Supporting Sponsorship for Drupal Contribution

There are people who would like to spend more time doing Drupal contrib work but who cannot financially justify taking time off commercial work or minding the kids (or other demands of life) in order to do so. These are often highly skilled and experienced members of the Drupal community.

There is an opportunity to make it financially (and otherwise) viable for these contributors to choose to do Drupal contrib work by helping them find commercial sponsorship, primarily from companies who benefit from Drupal being a better product and a stronger more active community.

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Exploring Solutions: Showing Reputation/Experience on Drupal.org profiles

OK. So I know this is a big hairy, scary one, but I think it needs tackling.

We need a way to better recognise a wider scope of contributions to Drupal for 'social' reasons (so people who don't actually know each other can more easily determine who is who and how they contribute to the project) so that people who don't actually 'commit' anything but contribute a lot have their contributions more recognisable, and then so that we can potentially match people to projects/issues when we need people to help!

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Exploring Solutions: Notifications

So, part of the problem that we need to solve involves notifications - being able to know when there's something going on that you might want to be a part of and being able to manage the noise.

At the moment, I'm thinking broadly about three solution areas:

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Exploring Solutions: Better Product/Project/Module pages

Product/Module pages are the entry point to the issue queue for many people and one of our opportunties to both increase the quality of the additions to the queue (bug reports and feature requests), to direct support queries appropriately, and also to recruit new contributors and recognise existing contributors - to that end they definitely qualify for some Prairie Initiative attention.

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Exploring solutions: Our Profile Pages

I think there's a big opportunity to make more of our profile pages so that they are actually useful - both for humans and perhaps some automated match-making in the issue queue). Thoughts?

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Exploring solutions: Managing Duplication

We want to reduce duplication in the issue queue but we want to do it in a friendly way.

There are (at least) two parts to this:

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