One Step Closer to an Official 'ULT' release ...

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With this week's commits of the Ult_Standings and Ult_Schedule modules, I've finished the last major chunks of my "Ultimate League Tool" module rewrite. The full module suite is now posted on the project's Git sandbox page ( Note: Use the 'master' branch.

I'm looking for a few more folks who are willing to come in and kick the tires before I submit a request for 'official' project status ... while I haven't created an official release tag, the modules are currently being used in production environments to manage at least a couple of leagues; so don't let the 'sandbox' status scare you off. For those of you not familiar with Git, I have an updated .tar.gz version of the code posted at at (use the 'Local Download Page' link).


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Just curious...I was getting ready to start working on integrating the D6 version into another project (at least parts of it), but I'm seeing that it is no longer available on Is the version on your company site still the most recent or is ULT in the process of being bumped up to official project status?