Tutorials on mapping with drupal

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Hi Guys

I have been trying to build a site that takes in user data through CCk fields and then displays that information on google maps . I have been using CCK, gmap, geonames, location and views modules. I have been playing around with it for the last 2 weeks and have been unsuccessful. Which has lead me onto trying to find tutorials on how somebody would put such a website together. I have searched the drupal website, mastering drupal, lullabot, youtube just about anywhere i could think of. Please if anybody knows where i could find some information, would be greatly appreciated.



I concur

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It would be really great. I guess one of the issues is that most of the potential candidate modules are still only for 5.x. (I have Drupal 6.x installed.)

All I wanted to do was to have all registered users displayed on a single google map (based on either (the latest) IP address they logged in from or the city, state, country info from their profile. Could not do it.

I found GeoUser which now works but only displays the location on a google (or yahoo) map for the individual user under his/her account - does not make much sense.



Little bits of info

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So reckon the best way to do this is to post links to info i have found and am going to find. It might help somebody else trying to do the same out there. Here's some info i found tonight



Kudos and some questions

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I have posted at Gmaps but there was no answer to my question so am posting it here.

First of all, I've successfully created a macro map with 200 points and I found out that it "choked" the website loading time in IE6 so that's not good. I wanted to create a "table" format instead and my hutch tells me that creating a table format would be a good approach when I'm building to 1000 locations (markers).

I followed this "how to" and successfully created a map with CCK, etc.

My question is this... instead of a "start point" and and "end point", would it be possible for me to use this method to just add markers for all over the map? How?

How can this work with import content in csv?

Many thanks.

I'm also on the hunt for

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I'm also on the hunt for documentation or tutorials.

I would be excited to see a description of how to store addresses for something, like a club. Then either display a map showing the locations of the club meeting place, or be able to list the nearest x clubs to a zip code (text list ok no map needed).

Cathy Theys

Cathy Theys