Join us for the 1st ever VoIP Drupal webinar! May 12 @ 1pm EST

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Inspired by public demand, we are organizing the 1st ever VoIP Drupal webinar on Thursday, May 12th @ 1pm EST!

As part of this webinar, you will learn about VoIP Drupal, a new framework that makes it easy to build websites that literally pick-up the phone, make calls, record messages, broadcast audio, and more.

By integrating web, SMS, email, and telephone technologies together, VoIP Drupal takes “community plumbing” into a new dimension, facilitating the implementation of community outreach initiatives, phone-based polls, audio blogs and other systems in ways that would be extremely difficult otherwise.

In this session, we will
* Introduce VoIP Drupal, it’s functionality, use cases and basic components
* Demonstrate the VoIP Drupal beta in action
* Get you started with a rundown of how to implement and extend VoIP Drupal
* Present the VoIP Drupal roadmap and how to get involved

Join us! Registration is already open at:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The VoIP Drupal team


Set up a VOIP server

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Have You had any luck setting up Your own server without going thru Twilio? Thanks for doing the webinar and the VOIP work!

Re: Set up a VOIP server

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Hello MarketStone,

We should release a module supporting Tropo in the next week or so. We are also starting to implement a module to support FreeSWITCH integration, but don't have any concrete deadlines set, yet.

Do you have any specific application in mind?




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FreeSWITCH is what i am looking for thanks. We are making a community site for N and NE Portland it is exclusive to only people who live or have a business in the nnepdx. So i can easily have everyone on the same system and with $10.00 gal gas and $20.00 for gal of milk it is going to be more important then ever that us coders keep the economic engine going. They shows some linux distros i have not seen and with gone it is getting harder to find linux without the gov spy wear java.

looking forward to the webinar, Thanks again!


This stuff is off the hook,

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That You guys and gals are doing. i love the local weather caller. we are working on a blackberry app (Rim is the only smart phone i would use. the fact the governments could not crack there security says it all:) that answers Your door bell, with the script from the weather caller and PHP CLI and yes drupal for my home system we are almost there. Great Work Everyone! (and Yes when i say "we" i do have a mouse in my pocket:)


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Hello everyone,

This is just to remind all that the VoIP Drupal webinar is going to be tomorrow at 1pm EST.

To register, just go to:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The VoIP Drupal team


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was this recorded? is it available online?


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This looks sick ! (awesome) :)

Great Job!

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i did not write down all the modules that are coming up in a sandbox. i hope You plan to post the slides or could You post here the slide that shows all the modules.

i hope Leo You do not mind if i use Your idea of the voice box for low income people. Very powerful in the war on poverty.

Thanks again,


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Hello all,

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's VoIP Drupal webinar!

The slides used in the session are now available here:

Stay tuned: the recording of the presentation will be uploaded in the next couple of days.

Have fun with VoIP Drupal! Let us know if you have any questions!

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Hello all,

The video recording of the VoIP Drupal webinar of May 5th, 2011 is now available online here:

For the slides used in the session, please check:

Let us know if you have any questions!

The VoIP Drupal team


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