Ways for the Drupal Community to participate in the drupal.org redesign project

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hi all

firstly I just wanted to say hi! and introduce myself - I'm working with Mark Boulton Design on the redesign project and what I'm working on at the moment is trying to get as much information and participation as possible from the community to help inform our high level user experience and design strategy. Hopefully I met some of you at the recent Drupalcon, and perhaps you've seen a few of my recent posts via Planet Drupal.

We're trying to take an open and community focussed approach to this project - to that end, you can follow and participate in the process on a number of fronts.

I'm going to be blogging my part of the process at http://www.disambiguity.com (feed set up for Planet Drupal, thanks Kieran!) and I have also set up a number of other channels for participation which you might be interested in. I'll post details below which is a snippet from a recent blogpost.

Being this open so early in the process is a fairly unusual (and quite scary!) approach - we do need to make it really clear that whilst we are really interested to hear everyones ideas and opinions, obviously we need to get decisions made fairly quickly - not everyone is going to be happy all of the time, I'm sure. But we really want to embrace and include the community in our process - even at this early stage it is clear to me that they are integral to the success of Drupal and so it makes perfect sense that they'll similarly be critical to the success of the redesign project.

I'm sure there will be some hairy moments, but I think that this level of openness is really the only and best way forward and I invite you to get involved!

Here's some of the channels we've opened up so far (hopefully I can use some HTML in this post! this is my first try at posting to Drupal groups):

Drupal.org Redesign Twitter Group

If you're on Twitter (or if you'd like to be), follow the Drupal.org Redesign Twitter Group at www.twitter.com/drupalredesign

Once you're following you can share a message with everyone who's interested in the redesign project by sending a direct message (start the message with a 'd') to the group and everyone who is following the group will receive the tweet.

Something on Drupal.org bothering you? Simple 'd drupalredesign' then tell us what's bothering you (in 140 char or less!). Your messages will be shared with others on the group.

Drupal.org Redesign Flickr Group

A picture's worth a thousand words right? That's probably at least a few dozen Tweets ;)

If you're a Flickr member (or you'd like to be) you can join and contribute to the Drupal.org Redesign Flickr Group. The idea is that you can post screenshots of things you think work well that we should pay attention to, or things you think need attention on Drupal.org

A good way to do this is to take a screenshot and add some notes so that we know what you think is good/bad/indifferent - if you're Mac user, you could consider using Skitch.com (as Dries suggested in his keynote at Drupalcon recently). I'm sure others have similar great non-Mac applications to suggest!

You can also add more notes and comments to screenshots that others have uploaded.

The Drupal.org Redesign Flickr Group can be found here: http://flickr.com/groups/drupalredesign/

Drupal.org Redesign Slideshare Group

We've set up a group on Slideshare.net for the redesign project - any presentations related to the project will be added to this group. (Mark - you'd better put the Drupalcon keynote up when you have a spare moment!) Mark has already put up the Redesign Keynote from Drupalcon. (Thanks Mark!)

You can find it here: http://www.slideshare.net/group/drupalorg-redesign-project

Participate in one-on-one interviews during the design process

Of course, if you haven't already signed up by filling out our short survey, you can do that too. If you do, we may contact you in the course of the next few months to ask you to review one of the iterations of the prototype we'll be working on. We'll have some questions for you to answer and some tasks to do. It'll be fun! You can sign up for that here: http://icanhaz.com/drupalresearch

We really look forward to having you involved in this journey (and beyond!).


New manager for group

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Hi Leisa, I've made you a manager of this group. You can now add panels and update the block at the top of the group to point to any useful resources you want.


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Hi Leisa!

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I've been enjoying your blogging. Thanks for the insight into your thinking. I'm definitely following along, and throwing in my 2¢ where warranted.

I created a Yahoo Pipe

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I created a Yahoo Pipe (http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=355a44cbc541aa4dc000cc50c94c4e12) that aggregates the feeds of this group and the groups you created on flickr, twitter and slideshare to better keep track of the discussion.

My Drupal Articles

Drupal.org Frontpage Example

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My two cent as a no native english user and "Doc Team" member:

I made a screenshot of the actual frontpage to figure better what is my point of view.
That is simple for me because I'm not confident enough with all the Layout terminology.

Just want to put focus on some "Registered Member" User-Block:

1. My User account should be on top.
(New User get used to change often their personal data before they get stable with it)

2. "My recent post" should directly go to own posting list with the option to see the general list
3. "My Issue" dito
4. "Create content" should be collapsible

The other suggestion can be viewed in the attached image.

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Drupal.org Journal

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A way to organize Drupal.org Organization
running Projects. Also a central reference where all Visitors can get an overview and who is responsible for Site developing or tuning tasks. This is just a Proposal and Idea. If Visitors are a bit more informed their query maybe more targeting the right department.

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