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Upgrade Drupal.org to Drupal 7 Sprint!

2012-04-23 (All day) - 2012-04-27 (All day) America/Los_Angeles
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The week of April 23 - April 27, the Drupal Association is sponsoring a sprint, hosted by the Oregon State University Open Source Lab, to upgrade Drupal.org from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7!

The sprint will be mainly focused on the following areas, and the following attendees will be there:

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Drupal.org Office Hours

2012-04-09 11:00 - 12:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Come to Drupal.org office hours to share what you're working on and help us come up with the weekly drupal.org hit list!

Stop by #drupal-infrastructure from 11am to 12pm Pacific Time (18:00 - 19:00 UTC).

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Submit and vote on your Drupal.org ideas!

Two of the Drupal Association's 2012 priorities are to make Drupal.org awesome: both for site builders and for developers. We want to hear from you about what improvements you'd most like to see on Drupal.org.

Please let us know your thoughts at http://drupal-association.ideascale.com/. You can propose new ideas, vote on existing ideas, and also leave comments. When we have the more discrete list of things we plan to cover in 2012 and when, we'll share it with the community for feedback.

Important things to note:

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Ideas.drupal.org - community brainstorming tool

Goal: provide a mechanism for community to suggest ideas and evaluate community support of proposed ideas via voting.

Similar projects: brainstorm.ubuntu.com

At first stage idea gathering will be limited to Drupal.org project only, with possibility to add other projects if necessary.


Tool aims to be a centralized place for all the brainstorming around improvements to Drupal.org. Currently idea/suggestions are scattered around various issue queues, groups, wiki pages etc, making it almost impossible to follow everything and see "big picture" of features in demand.

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Building a Drupal.org deployment pipeline

Leading Drupal's migration from CVS to Git made something eminently clear to me (and eliza411, the migration's PM): there's a lot that's broken about how we manage, maintain, and improve drupal.org (and its subsites). Since then, I've been gradually chatting up more and more people with the idea that we could build a structured, participatory model for updating and adding new features to drupal.org. And that if we do it right, it could become a best-practice model for (Drupal) site management (open, participatory) workflows.

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Kicking it old Skool!

I know what it feels like to have your hard work critiqued, piles of issues to solve and to deal with some of the hardest discussions and posts we can have. I know the many hours spent, sacrificing time with our loved ones, time without sleep or the so many other things we give up to do our part.

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Group name changed from reflect general DA involvement on drupal.org

I changed the name of this group to "Drupal Association improvements to Drupal.org" (after clearing it with the existing group owners). The Redesign is over but the Drupal Association will continue to promote and assist with improvements to Drupal.org.

The D.A. and the community can use this group to discuss D.A. funded involvement/improvements to Drupal.org.

Purely community-driven improvements should be discussed in it's own group, Drupal.org Improvements.

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Branding the Drupal Association and other Drupal properties

During a Drupal.org redesign sprint at one of the recent cons, there was a discussion at about the branding of other Drupal properties, e.g. Drupal Association, Groups, API, etc.

Specifically, we discussed if the theme for the Association site would use the standard wordmark, or if we would create property specific wordmarks so users have a better idea of where they are. I'm pretty sure this discussion was abandoned in the interest of time and just proceed with using the same header/logo as the Drupal.org theme.

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Understanding drupal.org User Behavior from Google Analytics

Understanding user behavior using Google Analytics.
To do the same we will need to take small steps in the way drupal.org code is rendered as detailed below:

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Drupal.org Process: Bringing idea to production.

The draft policy, procedures and requirements for bringing *.drupal.org initiatives onto the live sites are published here:

Process for getting changes deployed on drupal.org
Drupal.org development guidelines

Hopefully as ideas are generated and refined through the Prairie Initiative and people start implementing solutions, implementors can be proactive rather than reactive to the process and requirements necessary for improving Drupal.org.

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Module Approval Process is Too Slow

We have many individuals waiting to be reviewed, and few reviewers. This gives us a backlog of applications awaiting review, which makes both reviewers and applicants unhappy. So how can we improve this?

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Providing better content to its audience.

The thing I commonly find with forum/committee based systems is that they become very set in their ways. The systems become very difficult to change, and the hostility within these systems are most often sharp as a knife. Contrasty, open community based systems (like those found in "social networks"), are naturally less hostile, more flexible, faster to change with the tide, and able to meet a the needs of a much larger target audience.

This document is an attempt to reduce duplication, increase information accessibility and provide additional flexibility. In addition it will attempt to explain a system which will increase collaboration and decrease hostilities towards change. Thus promoting a healthier environment that accepts rapid change and reduces

I have seen, and even proven that the way in which a system is built directly effects the culture that is within that system. Thus carefully made systems tailored to their audience actually promote growth, improve communication, promote change, reduce hostility and reduce information duplication.

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Wake up community - Wordpress.org should scare you!

Drupal is quickly becoming a product where less and less custom coding will be required for new sites. With modules such as Views, Panels and Webform combined with advanced, and user friendly, themes, sites will be possible to build without knowing anything about coding in PHP etc. Drupal Gardens and Buzzr are great examples of this. Distributions is also making site building much easier to get started without coding.

Hosting companies are making Drupal very easy to install with just a few clicks. I'm not talking about the traditional one-click installs of old versions. Now these companies understand that providing good Drupal support gives them en edge on the market.

I think that we do realise that this is going to attract the same kind of users that today download and install WordPress. A lot of these new users will have very limited coding skills. In fact, most them couldn't care less about it. The only thing they are interested in is to get a software they quickly can build a site with.

Unfortunately most of these new users will run away from Drupal!

This is why:

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Project metrics for drupal.org redesign

One of the big goals of the drupal.org redesign is to make it easier for end users to find the right modules for the site they're trying to build. With over 5,000 contributed modules, many of them providing similar functionality, it can be extremely difficult to choose. One method is to try to assess the "health" of the module, by how actively it's maintained, used, supported, etc.

One approach to gauging health is posted at Project ratings and reviews for drupal.org redesign. While that proposal deals with subjective factors, this post addresses objective facts about a module that can be computed and displayed for all projects hosted on drupal.org. While no single metric can tell you what module to use, and some knowledge will be required to make the best use of this data, it's important to make these statistics more readily available on drupal.org to empower users to make better decisions.

The redesign prototype for project pages includes the introduction of a sparkline showing the "Activity" for each project. The details of this activity chart weren't specified at a technical level during the design phase, but the spirit of the design is that they wanted more ways to visualize the health of a project. As we're implementing the redesign, we've been empowered to provide as many charts containing specific data we think will best help end users make sense of what's going on with a project. Read on for our specific proposal, including what metrics to compute, and some ideas on how those are going to be visualized on the new drupal.org

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Project ratings and reviews for drupal.org redesign

One of the major new features proposed in the redesign site prototype for making it easier to find the right modules for end users is the introduction of Project ratings and reviews. This post is a proposal for how we're planning to implement these features as part of the redesign. If there's sufficient traction for this proposal, we could actually roll this out independently of the redesign theme launch itself.

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Drupal.org Redesign Architect | Drupal Association

Employment type: 

This will be an ongoing full-time contract (40 hours per week, or as agreed) for the duration of the redesign project. The contract is currently estimated to be 3 months in duration with the possibility of an extension. This is a contract telecommute position.

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Drupal.org API

Would be great if the new Drupal.org can expose an api that allow for the following:

  • retrieving the latest recommended release of drupal
  • retrieving a list of modules
  • retrieving an issue list on a module
  • retrieving jobs
  • retrieving events

This would open up the door for loads of nice utilities that can assist Drupal developers.

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Fund raiser & community service manager | Drupal associaiton

Employment type: 
Part time

The Drupal association is a non-profit organization which provides support for the Drupal, web content management, open source project. The Drupal association is an all volunteer organization with thirty permanent members, and a support base of over 1000 financial contributors. We will provide event sponsorship packages for the fund raising activity. You will also receive access to the Drupal association CRM, CiviCRM 2.1. As a fund raiser you will receive direct requests through the event website and be required to follow up via email and over the phone. This is a contract position.

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Wishlist of extra stuff on the module pages to save time on researching the right ones

I would like to see a hiearchical view of modules, that require dependencies, both in images of the actual module on its page, and also in the URI/URL. It cements the idea I have of it, if you know what I mean.

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Notes from our 2009-07-07 call

Infrastructure: Development/testing instances

(Discussion in Infrastructure Requirements)

We are still hamstrung by the lack of dev/testing instances.

What we need from dev/testing instances

  • A test instance that the public can view and click around on. This will help us build interest and momentum.
  • Several dev instances (at least 5) split between developers and themers.
    • Nice to have: Script to roll out new instances on the fly
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