Aegir 2.0: D7 port & DNS editor

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Project information:
Hostmaster sandbox for GSOC2011
Student: Seth Vincent (seth.vincent on d.o)
Mentor: anarcat

Current status:
Porting the Eldir theme to Drupal 7 and getting started on the Hosting modules. -2011.06.06

Porting Aegir to D7 and creating a DNS editor. A project for Google Summer of Code 2011.

Project schedule:

Before May 24:

  • Review Git docs and other resources to learn more about using Git.
  • Review issues/patches relevant to D7 port and DNS editor.
  • Review and
  • Discuss planned work with aegir maintainers.
  • Refine plan below based on what I've learned from the handbook, api, and aegir maintainers.

Week one: Work on porting Aegir theme Eldir to Drupal 7. Finalize plans for porting the Aegir modules and install profile.

Week two: Finish porting Eldir to Drupal 7. Port the Aegir Hosting module to Drupal 7.

Weeks three through six: Port the Task, Client, DB Server, Package, Platform, Site, and Web Server modules to Drupal 7. Test ported modules.

Weeks six through nine: Port modules Alias, Clone, Cron, Migrate, Quota, Signup, Task, and Web Cluster to Drupal 7. Test ported modules.

Weeks ten and eleven: Work on the DNS zonefile editor.

Weeks twelve and thirteen: Continue testing ported projects and the DNS zonefile editor. Update documentation to reflect changes in the upgrade to Drupal 7.


I created a sandbox for just

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I created a sandbox for just the Eldir theme. The port of Eldir is getting close to complete. there are still a few issues.