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This discussion page is for organizing the presentations and discussion topics for DrupalCamp Australia. I will update the agenda as it becomes more fleshed out. Add your presentation to the comments below, or add your requested topic to the comment below.

Saturday, Oct. 18th

Time Track A Track B
9:00 Welcome/Registration
9:30 Upcoming D7 Highlights (Justin Randell) Drupal Basics (Erle Pereira)
10:00 Theming with CSS frameworks (Jeff h)
10:30 Unit Testing (lyricnz) Converting static html to theme (Ivan)
11:00 Theme Modifications (Jeff h) Multi-Site Drupal (dshaw)
11:30 Panels 2.x (Jeff H)
12:30 L  u  n  c  h
01:30 Domain Access Module (peterx) Module Highlights: signwriter, editview,
computed field, OO export, location/gmap

(Justin Freeman)
02:30 Ecommerce (gordonh)
03:00 cvs, patches, and ques - oh my!
+ patch politics (Jaza)
Build-A-Site Workshop
04:30 Maintaining Drupal w/ Git (gordonh)
05:00 Wrap-up & move to the pub.

Depending on the size/diversity of the group we can look at splitting the room in 2 and doing multiple tracks. There has also been discussion about trying to do some form of code sprint during the afternoon.


Presentation Proposals

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Please post your presentation topics that you would like to give as a reply to this comment. Its unclear yet, but I hope to be able to provide some small token of appreciate for presenters to help encourage participation.

Multiple sites and Domain Access

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A fun topic about setting up multiple sites with some data shared in one big database. If you like working in a swamp with a crocodile nipping at your footer, here is a chance to have multiple crocodiles mixed with alligators, scorpions, rattlesnakes, and redbacks, all in the same swamp with you as the only food source. Domain Access lets you control which creature bites which bits. The Domain Access options help you control who uses teeth, who uses claws, and who just rips in with everything.


Requested Topics

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If you are having difficulty with a particular area, and would like to see someone explain the area, please post your ideas here. Also if you have any ideas you think other people that would be interesting to hear about. Note, this is not for specific support requests but for more conceptual topics. Ideas might be aspects of Theming, Development practices, Performance, Module development, Configuration, or even a specific module.

hey ryan, I was thinking

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hey ryan,

I was thinking that i could do a presentation on how to convert a static html site from www.oswd.org into a drupal theme. Ill just focus on the core parts.



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Would a presentation on multi-site be of interest? If so, I could do one. The focus would be on the mechanics of making it work at the file system and DB level.

Caveat: I'm not certain I can attend yet.

Domain Access depends on Multisite

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Domain Access depends on Multisite so turn up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Presentation topics

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I'd be happy to do some quick presentations on:
1. Some Agileware modules: Signwriter (http://drupal.org/project/signwriter), Computed Field (http://drupal.org/project/computed_field) and Editview (http://drupal.org/project/editview) and export to Open Office module (not released on DO yet) plus our experience maintaining modules on DO ;-)
2. Drupal & Funnelback search integration (http://funnelback.com), useful if you've got a Drupal website with lots of PDF, Word etc. that need to be indexed and searchable
3. Exporting Lotus Domino databases and importing into Drupal, although this is only applicable to people who have to deal with Lotus Notes

1 would probably be about 1/2 hr, with the other 2 being about 15 mins each.

Agileware, Australian Drupal Developers


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I'd be interested in the Editview presentation.

Implementing Polygons on Google Maps

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Forgot to also mention, that we could also talk about changes to GMap / Location modules so that polygons could be implemented on Google Maps. IMHO it is pretty funky. Maybe include it as part of presentation 1.

Agileware, Australian Drupal Developers

Possible presentation topics

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Hey all, we'd be happy to do presentations on any two of the following. Please let us know which appeals to you by adding a comment here - we'll check back in a week or two.

1) intro to Panels 2.x
What is Panels and how is it useful?
- suitable for any Drupal admin who hasn't checked out this great module

2) advanced Panels 2.x
...covering topics such as creating node overrides, using contexts, embedded views etc
- suitable for intermediate to advanced Drupal admins

3) integrating grid-based CSS frameworks with Drupal
...an indepth look at the 960gs grid-based CSS framework and its application in a Drupal theme
- suitable for intermediate-level themers

4) implementing a design based on an existing theme
...how to modify an existing theme so that it reflects your own design
- suitable for beginner themers

5) advanced Views
...covering topics such as views providing tabs (eg new tabs on user/x pages), views arguments etc
- suitable for intermediate admins


im very interested in this

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im very interested in this topic - thanks jeff

Drupal 7 presentation ideas

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i'm too tired right now to give blurbs, but two things i'd be happy to talk on with Drupal 7:

1) the registry

2) killing $op in hook API

+1 on D7 I think some info

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+1 on D7
I think some info about D7 would be great.

Patches, CVS, issue tracking

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If we have enough coders showing up, I'd like to run a session on:

  • creating, submitting, and reviewing patch files
  • CVS for patch authors / reviewers: diff, update, revert, etc
  • issue tracking on d.o: managing issue threads, types of thread status, how to wade through the queues, etc
  • basic benchmarking: when, why, how
  • "patch politics": don't panic when your patch gets flamed, postponed, critiqued harshly, or incinerated in the depths of hell (plus, when and how to do all those things to someone else's patch)

I'd like this to be more of a knowledge-sharing between peers session, rather than a formal presentation. Everyone who's been involved in Drupal patches will have something to share, and I imagine that I'll learn as much as anyone else will from the other people in the room.

Jeremy Epstein - GreenAsh

Jeremy Epstein - GreenAsh

Patches sounds good

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I would be interested in hearing about contributing to d.o, but only if you wear that hat ;)

I would actually like to do

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I would actually like to do a couple.

  1. Using git to develop with Drupal and Maintaining Client Sites.
  2. e-Commerce's new charging system

I would also be happy to cover some stuff on patches and there will be some CVS stuff as well with the git talk.

Gordon Heydon

Gordon Heydon

I am happy to present

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on Drupal as an news aggregator for structured content (legal and regulatory information and news). The focus would be on GUI strategies to flatten the learning curve for newbies to aggregated news content. I could also discuss some of the hurdles to implementing Drupal on a corporate intranet and some of the open standards I'd like to see adopted which can facilitate cool things like semantic autotagging and clustering.

Late Night Idea

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It kind of dawned on me that it might be very useful if we can arrange to record audio during the sessions. Perhaps just some decent mics hooked up to an external laptop would work. Anyone able to help with this?

Also, for any presenters planning on doing more of a demo rather than powerpoint presentation. It would be really great if you setup some screen capturing software to record it. We could add the recorded audio later if need be. I believe there are free software options for both windows and mac platforms. Wink is one i know for windows and I think snagit for mac.

Another session idea

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If anyone wanted to present it, I'd be interested in a security session - basically outlining best practices regarding security in theme and module code.

I can do a quick theming

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I can do a quick theming presentation.
Theming from scratch for flexible layouts or something along those line.



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