Agenda/Notes from D8 HTML5 Initiative Meeting on 5/31/11

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Below is the agenda with notes we took today in the PiratePad document, slightly modified for better organization and readability.


  1. Set up regular meetings.
  2. Start mapping out initiative goals to actionable issues.
  3. Create a roadmap document where we’ll track progress.
  4. Discuss documenting our work.
  5. Discuss current issues and roadblocks.

1. Meetings

  • Meetings will be held regularly to discuss sprints, progress, outreach and any issues that may be blocking progress.
  • It was decided that the meeting will occur every 2 weeks one Tuesday at 8pm UTC (1pm PT / 4pm ET).

2. Mapping Initiative Goals to Actionable Issues

Help is needed to create issues for some of these and prioritizing them.

  • Form API elements

    1. The initial basic elements that are easy wins: (use as meta issue)
    2. These should each be split out into their own issues: 1) get the field in core, 2) scan core for legitimate uses within core and add them.
    3. Changing core's FAPI to use the new elements
  • Re-factor template files

    Issues need to be created for each file: (meta issue)

    1. Start finding places to clean things up and HTML5-ify them.  One at a time.
      • Use the new elements, lean on examples from experts for implementation.
      • *Postpone* talking about semantic tags (section, etc.) until the easy stuff is done. Then look for patterns we can apply to all the controversial bits.
      • Use WAI-ARIA roles (we need documentation on ARIA roles)
      • Re-factor directly associated CSS. Must be properly commented, grouped, and include RTL versions. Structure must be separate from presentation, and administrative styles separate from front-end.
    2. If any of those threads start to get bikesheddy, immediately mark them postponed and get on with the ones we're not arguing about.
  • JS fallback for non-supported browsers?

  • Simplify <head> elements

    1. get rid of the type attribute from <script>, <style> and <link> and tags.
    2. <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"> should be: <meta charset="utf-8" />

    amateescu created an issue for this here.

  • Ensure Input filters and functions accept the new elements

    This issue takes care of it:

  • Phase 2

    • Ability to select wrapper tag in UI for Drupal’s building blocks (regions, blocks, nodes etc.) - this might become way more necessary if Crell's vision of "all page content as bits of blocks" comes to fruition
    • HTML5 Media handling:  <video> and <audio> tags w/ plugin support from contrib.
    • Aloha Editor using contenteditable:

3. Create a Roadmap document

  • Placeholder page is here:
  • Work needs to be broken out into sprints and progress updates will need to be provided to project leads (Dries and webchick) on a monthly basis. The roadmap should reflect this sort of flow.
  • Prioritize the first months worth of issues.
  • Create a D7 theme in contrib that doesn’t use new elements to satisfy the opt-out requirement: 
  • Create a D7 theme in contrib that contains as much as possible from the D8 implementation to serve as a preview.

4. Documenting and Communicating Progress

  • Created a page to for Contributing to the HTML5 Initiative: Needs to be reviewed and updated/changed where necessary.
  • Start creating documentation about HTML5 and Drupal now.
  • Use the D7 theme to allow people to review/preview progress and keep people excited about the changes to come.



cosmicdreams's picture

Looks like a good start to the initative. Although, I'm a bit confused. When is the next meeting?

IMO, two week sprints are a very good idea.

Software Engineer @ The Nerdery

The next meeting post is up

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The next meeting post is up here: :)


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