Documentation Sprint: DC Doc Love

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2008-11-08 14:00 - 17:00 EST
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User group meeting

Let's get together and whip up some Doc Love. We'll meet for 3 hours at the DC Public Library to work on Drupal and then, if folks are interested, we can go out for food and drinks after. We have a medium meeting room (A-9) reserved from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sat. November 8. (For directions to the room, see below in the Where? section.)

Everyone can feel free to work on whatever they like, for as long as they like. If you only want to stop by for half an hour or the whole time, it's up to you. I will be around to give guidance, give people doc rights if they need them and generally be around to answer questions for the whole time. I'll also bring some drinks and munchies but if you have anything in particular you want to gnosh on, feel free to bring it.

Oh and if anyone feels like designing up come cool Drupal Doc Love graphics, I'd be a very happy camper. ;-)

What will we do?

We will run the gamut and have tasks for everyone from total newbie to expert hacker. Here is an idea of the kinds of things to do:
- Copy-editing: good old-fashioned cleanup
- Basic read-through reviews: great for newbies to learn and help at the same time
- Adding screenshots: find places where images would help and get them added to the page
- Rolling comments: adding information form comments back into the parent page
- Code review: check for standards compliance and security on code samples
- Testing: for both code and tutorials/howtos - do they actually work?
- Version upgrades: admin UI pages as well as code
- Issue queue maintenance: see if issues are still valid, review drafts, mark duplicates, etc.
- Review and help code work on docs-related contrib modules (e.g. book access, term message, revision moderation modules)


We are meeting at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library. This is the central DC public library, right in the middle of downtown, near both the Gallery Place and Metro Center metro stops. There is also free parking.

901 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

We will be in meeting room A-9. This is one floor down from the main entrance.
If you enter through the garage: go up the stairs to Level A and walk through two sets of double doors. A-9 will be in front of you to the right.
If you enter from the main entrance: there is an elevator just inside the security to the right (under the Green MLK portrait). Take the elevator down to A. When you get off you are in a weird lobby area that opens onto A-2. Walk all the way through A-2 and out the other door. A-9 will be on your right.


Can't attend

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... but I'll be there in spirit. I hope for next time.

We are having a Drupal Camp in Philly on Nov. 19, maybe I'll do a docs session there? Might you be attending?


Shai Gluskin

I will be in Philly

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Yep, I'm already chatting with Nathan about how to squeeze in a doc sprint so it'll be a November double-whammy! I'm glad we'll be able to catch up then.

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I'm in

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Barring the unforeseen, I'll be there.

Late but there!

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Same here. I´ll try to be there to get my involvement in the docs team rolling.


I'm in. See you Saturday!

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I'm in. See you Saturday!

I'll be there!

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Looking forward to getting started with documentation.

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