Happy Halloween

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What an auspicious day to start the Drupal For Evil group. I welcome you, my brothers and sisters in evilness, to this group. May our reign of terror be long and fruitful.

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As we march forward in our world domination, feel free to use this forum as a place to post your evil tricks and hacks. Deriding alternative web technologies is welcome and encouraged. We will rule them all. Post evil code snippets, laugh at evil websites, and generally take pleasure in all that is Drupal for Evil.


Blessed beast!

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I don't see how anyone could notice this group and NOT jump in. Drupal has always lacked for anything silly, frivolous or generally non-practical. It is right and, however antithetically, good that this group should come into existence on this day.

Happy Halloween backatcha!

Can we use Drupal to hack MYspace?

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Or would that technically not be considered evil?

GO SATAN!!!!!!


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Yay, it's like a Daily WTF for Drupal.

I'd like to use this group to post all the evil hacks I've ever done. All the times I've dumbed down a feature because the customer prefers Yahoo Groups or Macromedia Contribute. Ah, this is my kind of town.

Hacks == evil

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Go for it. Tell us of your depraved and loathsome hacks to make Drupal the most devilish CMS on the block. I plan on posting a few of my own.

Would this be the right place

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to announce my port of Drupal to an MS Access backend and ASP pages (the original ASP using VBScript of course) complete with data bound ActiveX controls?

I'm just about to integrate FrontPage extensions properly too.



You sir, are darkness

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You sir, are darkness embodied! I applaud your evil vision. I cringe at the very notion, which means you are on the right track. Post away, I say.