Advice on Drupal Modules...Module Advice Needed - Creating Reservation Site/Shopping Cart

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Hi All,

I have ubercart and doing a shopping cart/reservation system online for courses. Course Operators page is built. I need advice on:

A module for a customised Search Function
The Scheduler or Availability Calendar for the course operator

Can UC Hotel Booking have elements adapted and used? Or, is this something for an experienced DBA?



Please only post specific questions to relevant groups

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Please only post to relevant groups. Views Developers group is for developers using the Views API, not for everyone who thinks Views is vaguely useful. Please remove Views Developers groups and other irrelevant groups from your original post, otherwise subscribers continue to get these posts.

Please post specific targeted questions to specific groups. Do not ask 10 questions in one post and cross post it to 10 groups. Ask 1 question to 1 relevant group. E.g. you may have a completely vague SEO requirement buried in your post and you have included two SEO groups in your list, but please post just specific SEO questions to the SEO group. Your questions don't seem to be anything to do with Showcase or Promotion, which would be for a completed site, so that SEO group is also irrelevant.

Finally, your post reads as though you've done no searching or reading of the large amount of existing documentation, tutorials and modules. It sounds as though you expect someone else to do all the work for you. I suggest you buy a book on building sites with Drupal - there are several to choose from.


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Hi Andy,

I didn't think I had posted to 10 groups, just a few that I found that seemed relevant to the modules I was intending to use. I have read, read and read some more and even got the site to being close to half-done...but, since I can find a module for every part of it, I have become aware of not wanting to pack it full of modules, when I could be using less, but getting more from them...hence, the seeking advice...evidently, it was not written the way it should have been....I asked a long-winded question, but I have read many other posts such as mine, with regards to hotel booking sites etc and I haven't seen a reply like yours to any of them, I am a suprised as to why my post has offended/irritated you so much?

I was looking for a 'discussion' on what other people might use, so I could compare notes....if Views API is the wrong group, I did say please let me know if I was in the wrong group at the beginning of the post - possibly even point me to the right group....was there any need to be so condescending?

Like I said - Thanks!

Will remove Views API immediately...

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