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drupal helper | Randall House

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We need help with adapting/modifying our Ubercart products (rare books) so that the URL can display the title of the book and be picked up by Google, as well as relate the unique SKU in the tile so the book can be linked from "sister" sites. We have c. 6,000 products (individual books) and they are "refreshed" each week; all products are first deleted and then a new Importer is uploaded (a cvs file) and then uses Feeds etc to populate the products.

It's all working fine, and it's only the URL modification we want help with.


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Advice on Drupal Modules...Module Advice Needed - Creating Reservation Site/Shopping Cart

Hi All,

I have ubercart and doing a shopping cart/reservation system online for courses. Course Operators page is built. I need advice on:

A module for a customised Search Function
The Scheduler or Availability Calendar for the course operator

Can UC Hotel Booking have elements adapted and used? Or, is this something for an experienced DBA?


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*cries* *Screams* Holds head in hands in Dissapointments *Cries Again*

I have installed Ubercart, I have set everything I am sure that I am supposed to, I have uploaded a file to my files directory, YET I still cannot see product in my store!

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