Majority Judgement?

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I was wondering if any of you have experience of including majority judgement voting into your websites?

Could it be considered for a future feature for advanced poll?

Also, a few of us are looking to launch a new version of the World Parliament Experiment on a Drupal platform. If anyone's interested in getting involved, please get in touch or join us here.

There's going to be lots of advanced polling/voting features required!



Majority judgment voting sounds interesting

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Interesting, thanks for the post (you should add it to the actual issue queue too though: I hadn't heard of majority judgment voting before but it sounds great. It is definitely within the realm of future advpoll features, as it would be a specific algorithm implementation of the "rating" mode, which is the third and final possible mode for Advanced Poll beyond binary & ranking polls.

Btw, feel free to add more feature requests to the issue queue as they come up for the World Parliament Experiment.

Not like Plurality

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From the brief description at (your links to global.demo are broken) (more info at this is an interesting idea. In case people are wondering, it is not like the Plurality system, based on "majority wins" since people vote for all the choices and select a range value for each. So it is more like the Range voting systems but the tallying is different in taking a median value instead of a total. So it seems a bit more like an Approval system.

I wonder if this might be a good candidate for a voting system that better supports Proportional Representation, in the case of a multi-winner election. Choose the top N candidates based on their Majority Judgment tallies.

Anyway, this would be good to implement here, and I would like to help if I can.

I am also very interested in the World Parliament Experiment. I have been working on a "Global Consensus" support system. See for some of the rationale.

Edit: I have to add that I just found a critique of this median-based tally at that makes it clear there are a large number of anomalous cases, and mean-based Range voting works better, and is simpler. Also, Range voting is not good for Proportional Representation though there are a couple variations that are, but there is no known PR system that is median-based.

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