Voting Systems

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This group is a place for developers of Drupal-based voting, rating, and recommendation systems to compare notes and develop strategies for future enhanncements. Its emphasis is on modules built around the VotingAPI module, but the group isn't exclusive to that framework.

Pre-release announcements and brainstorming for future VotingAPI developement WILL take place here, though, so if you're interested in working with that module, this is the place to be.

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New Star-rating module: Raty

Raty uses the jQuery Raty library: to enable a 'no-hassle' field input widget &/or output formatter for any numeric-storage field. It also provides a new Views filter for any numeric field.

Unlike Rate & Fivestar (which are awesome modules!), there is no major voting backend to Raty. However, you can still simulate this behavior to a degree since you can use Raty as the input widget for any numeric field on an entity.

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User Rating Other users

Hey guys am trying to create a simple rating system wherein user can rate other users.

To rate or vote other user the user must

1) Be an authenticated user

2) Be part of the group.

Here is an example for better understanding.

In my site i have these users who are authenticated, TIM, JIMMY, SAM, TOM, NICKKY, EMMA, PHIL, ALEXA.

TIM has created a group called ABCD [ i am using organic groups and have provided access to authenticated users to create groups ]

SAM, EMMA and PHIL have joined the group.

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Block Title in rotation form theming the Drupal block

Hello friend,

I would like to theme my View block in the following type.

Only local images are allowed.

Image not shown in the post Please see the following image link

Please help me to prepare my block for looking the upper shown form using *.css template or other way...please help be friends...

Thanking you for the same


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Voting Systems for the Occupy Movement

I am a technology organizer with Occupy Philadelphia. I want to explore how we can expand voting to include online members. Right now, we have daily votes at a General Assembly. Votes are by hand among people in the crowd.

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Have fix group of users flag / vote on a node to trigger sth ( workflow state change)

In our company's workflow we need to check if for a certain content the four or five expert people have read/checked the content and click a okay button/link .

This would trigger ie. a workflow state change.

Any idea how i could implement this? Maybe it's easy using flag module and a fix rule where these people are hardcoded, they are always the same.


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61% (17 votes)
39% (11 votes)
Total votes: 28
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image poll - let users vote for just one image in a gallery

Hi All
I am trying to create an image poll
Show the users image gallery and let them choose just one image , is that possible ?

I have found only this , with no reply there

what is the best way to approach this

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Inserting fivestar widget in an external php file


I have been trying to load fivestar module and show the rating widget of the selected node in an external php file. I have gotten the rating widget displayed on the page but it only displays degraded version of the widget (non-JavaScript, dropdown widget and "Rate" button) I looked into the source code of the page but the javascript for fivestar module was not loaded. I have tried to load javascript using following functions but had no luck:

$path = drupal_get_path('module','fivestar');
drupal_add_js($path.'/js/fivestar.js', 'inline', 'footer');

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Archiving Voting Results

I am using plus1 to vote for music on a web site.

Music tracks are nodes. I know how to create a view to show the current results which is great but I would like to be able to archive results.

Every week at a certain time, I would like to be able to make a snap shot of the results and reset the voting.

In essence "Music Charts"

So my question is, what would be the best approach? Is there a combination of modules that might permit such a thing?

Thanks ahead of time.

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Share Your Ideas voting module

I have a project listed on Freelancer today to develop a "Share Your Ideas" module which might be of interest to people here as well (or you might even be able to tell me if something similar already exists). It's based on something I saw at "Giveaway of the Day" where they use it to capture feedback on improvements from people who download free software.

What I want to do is:

  • capture suggestions from site users about improvements
  • have site users vote on these suggestions
  • rank suggestions by the number of user votes
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Project ratings and reviews for redesign

One of the major new features proposed in the redesign site prototype for making it easier to find the right modules for end users is the introduction of Project ratings and reviews. This post is a proposal for how we're planning to implement these features as part of the redesign. If there's sufficient traction for this proposal, we could actually roll this out independently of the redesign theme launch itself.

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hotornot 3 image

as a small assignment, i am trying to build something like, but instead of 1 image with a rating function, i am trying to place 3 images in line, and underneath each image is a ratings (5 star module), and a voting option.. the goal is sort of choosing between the 3 images, and many users can vote on it..

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Module for voting a specific group of nodes

I have a use case where I want to create a an arbitrary grouping of nodes and have a contest by having people vote on them. Is there a module that handles something like this? I've looked at nodevote, but that doesn't seem to do what I need. I suppose the other option is to do something like have a Contest node with a nodereference field and then somehow have people be able to select which one. The desired functionality is to display the options in a panel pane and have the users be able to select one from there.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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How to extract vote results in defined period of time?

How to extract vote results on node: last month, last week, October, 15 last days?

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Sorting nodes based on votes and age

It could be very basic question but I couldn't figure out how to do that.
I have bunch of nodes that has some kind of voting capability. I want to build a frontpage that sorted by following criteria. I want to calculate some kind of weight which is function of vote count and age of node. For example 2 days-old node with vote count 10 should has higher weight than 3 days-old node with vode count 10. You can read about detailed algorithm from this link.

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Voting for individual revisions

Is there a module like vote_up_down for voting on individual revisions.

I want to give users the ability to vote for contributions to a wiki.

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Inserting fivestar widget in a view?

Hi -
So far I've implemented the advanced rating recipe with fivestar + votingapi + nodecomments. So far, I"ve been able to create a 'Store' object and configure cck, nodecomments & fivestar so a 'Review' object can be submitted and displayed after the main node content.

The 'Store' object has fivestar enabled and the 'Review' object has the fivestar widget as a cck field. So far so good.

Now, what I want to do (and this is where I'm running into problems) is to create a table view that will display the following fields:

Store name
Average rating 5star widget

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Voting and Views

Is there a module or recipe to expose votes to Views so to you can make a list of content and possibly sort it by the number of votes or the average or similar? Ideally, something that ties into Voting API or better still, Fivestar.

  • Mike
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Voting for a taxonomy term


I have been looking for some time and either could not find what I want or completely missed it.

My site has predefined taxonomy terms which are used in a Story content type. On the each story page I would like to let a user (also anonymous one) the ability to mark a taxonomy term as fits to the node. Yes/No is enough, no need for a five-star like voting. Now, when a user goes to the page of the taxonomy term, there will be a block, naturally by a views query, that will sort the stories by the voting people gave to the said term.

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Need help building a 'judging' type module

I have a project that requires a module to allow people to vote on videos. But the clients requirements seem to be beyond what the current voting modules are capable of. So, I'm looking for someone familiar with the voting api and existing voting modules to assist me. I don't have a large budget for this, but I do have a budget and am able to pay someone a little.

Each video will be rated in 8 areas on a 5 point scale with 1/2 point ratings possible
and 1 area (an 'overall' impression) on a 10 point scale with 1/2 point ratings possible.

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