Boston Initiative, summary from meeting 2 of 5

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Last night, more than 30 people participated in the Boston Initiative between 6:30 and 7:30 at our monthly meetup. We had 8 breakout groups, 9 group leaders, and 23 group participants (not including late arrivals). And our initiative contributed to 7 issues in the Drupal core issue queue.

Breakout groups included:
Local environment setup
Re-rolling patches
Database system
Reproducing and confirming bugs
Installing Git
Testing patches
Drafting summaries

Here's a link to the working draft of the Drupal Ladder (with links to various How To documents) I presented last night.

I solicited feedback from as many people as I could at the Muddy last night so we can be methodical about building on things that worked and improving things that could go better. If you've got suggestions about how we can improve, or you want to get involved in preparing Boston Initiative materials or activities for the next meetup, please contact me.


Git instructions

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This note is aimed at the four attendees who worked with me to get git installed on our laptops on Monday, but all are welcome to have a look.

I have started a Google Doc that will be a HOWTO for this step of the contribution ladder. Anyone with the link can both view and edit it:

So far, it is only an outline. Please help flesh it out. Once it gets to the stage where it is useful, maybe some more people will try to follow the instructions and point out where they need improvement.

This is a working draft, so you can add questions or notes in the document itself. If you prefer, you can use my personal contact form or reply to this comment.

(I originally posted this comment on

I only see a blank document

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Should I start writing up my notes when I only get a blank document at

Me too

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All of these Google Doc addresses that have been posted take me to a document number with "/edit" on the end and I never see the actual document.

Taking the /edit off the URL

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doesn't help, Chrome puts it right back on the URL.



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Still has "/edit" on it.

Google Docs

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Sorry, I thought a Google doc would be convenient. Maybe not.

Nan: It looks like you are OK. Please do add your notes. It looks as though you were using a different URL in your first comment above.

Nancy: The link works for me, "/edit" and all. If I leave off the "/edit" then I am redirected to a Google Account login page. (I tried this in a browser that did not already have the document open.) If I turn off javascript and try to load the page, then I get a blank page. Do you have javascript enabled?

Here's the problem

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I just realized that the link finally worked after I had logged into my gmail account. I think you have to be logged into Google to see the document.


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I was logged in before, at least I think I was. But just now I got into that document.


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