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Only local images are allowed.I needed to embed video (FLV) and audio (MP3s) on a site, but didn't want to use an all-in-one solution like FlashVideo, and wanted something simple without requiring a number of different modules, so the Flowplayer module was born. It's a stripped down API to allow the use of the GPL licensed Flowplayer for embedded flash video playback.

It takes advantage of Drupal JavaScript behaviors, as well as gives you all the configuration options from one function call. At the moment, there arn't any modules that take advantage of it, but my hope is to standardize the way that Flowplayer is embedded into Drupal sites. It would be great to get optional Flowplayer support pushed into modules like Embedded Media Field (patch), FlashVideo and OpenPackage Video.


Integrating with FLV Media Player?

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I'm psyched that you've done this- we really need more controller modules for these kinds of video/image/audio solutions! My work on FLV Media Player intended to support Flowplayer, however I let my attention to detail lapse. It is written pretty much to support the JW player, however, I think with some work, it or some module borrowing some of its concepts could be a generalized controller module which can support profiles, per node configuration, implement a file hook, external configuration, etc for many kinds of SWF based players.

Any interest in working on a controller module which is player agnostic? I'd be happy to work on pushing FLV Media PLayer in that direction or helping integrate Flowplayer with....



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Although I'm all for abstracting the functionality to something like theme('video'), and then using a handler to use either Flowplayer or JW Player, I personally would just rather use the GPL-ed code.

I'm committing your changes to emfield right now

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So no need for a patch anymore!

Thanks for this Rob!

Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
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Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg
ZivTech: Illuminating Technology


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What does it do?
Can this be used to upload video, say with CCK?

API Module

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It's an API module, so it makes it easy for other modules to embed Flowplayer too show FLV files. So, for example, Embedded Media Field would use it to show external FLV files. Using OpenPackage Video, you could upload a video file, and then if Flowplayer module is enabled, it would use Flowplayer to display it. The module also gives you some configuration options so that you can configure how it looks when it's displayed.

Gnash Player

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The Gnash player is GPL'd which is a candidate for support in flvmediaplayer. Aaron's also fits that bill- I'd like to have a controller module which can handle multiple players but uses a single front end.


If you are looking for upload and CCK support

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take a look at kaltura http://drupal.org/project/kaltura
it comes with it's own player, but it also exposes the URL's of the flv files, so it can easily be integrated with flow player, JW player, etc'.


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