Updating Drush for Acquia Dev Desktop (DAMP)

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Hi folks.

I'm having a bugger of a time trying to update the version of Drush that's bundled with Acquia Dev Desktop (DAMP). The bundled version is 4.0-rc3 and lots of commands seem a bit wonky (e.g. pm-update) or aren't found at all.

I've tried 'self-update' and 'selfupdate' but they're not found. I've tried downloading Drush and overwriting the Drush folder in the acquia-drupal directory but the version of Drush doesn't seem to change when I run 'status'.

Anyone got any ideas/tips? I'd like to avoid moving away from using DAMP if poss as there are definite useful advantages and time-savers. Sadly, my Acquia forum post has received no response whatsoever :(



How to setup Mac OS X 10.6 Drupal environment

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I use this setup as I find it easier to control:


...although I don't make much use of the shared codebase / multisite setup as much as I should be.

My settings, and drush_make live in my ~/.drush folder, with drush itself in ~/drush - whether that's "right" or not I don't know but works for me!



I thought you'd say that

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I thought you'd say that, which is why I included the line "I'd like to avoid moving away from using DAMP if poss as there are definite useful advantages and time-savers".

Thanks anyway though.

No reason you cant uninstall

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No reason you cant uninstall drush manually though (leave DAMP alone) and then install using apt-get install drush. I did this and also installed drush make by downloading and copying to my home folder in a new folder called .drush and dumped drush make in there and it worked straight off.

Thanks, will take look.

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Thanks, will take look.


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