My D7 site is very slow...

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Hi Everyone can anyone give me the solution to improve the performance of drupal site... when i run it in localhost its very slow... my system configuration is quite enough for Drupal requirements. after hosting the site in server i am facing the same problem... database usage is at peak levels in server for this application.. i have disabled the all the themes except front end and admin themes. and also enabled only the module which i require.. is there any other ways to increase the speed of site...???? pls give me sol....

reg in adv....


Make sure you do following

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Make sure you do following things

  1. Enable js and css compression
  2. Disable theme registry
  3. Disable Database logging, tracker, statistics modules instead use google analytics.
  4. Enable Apache server with modules mod_expires, mod_deflate
  5. Enable Drupal page, block cache

Thank you... for help

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Thank you... for help

If you are in a shared

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If you are in a shared hosting, use BOOST module, or if its VPS, use VARNISH (its little complex to install). Both the modules will cache each and every page for anonymous users so that, when the request come, the database is not called, even PHP is not rum. The htaccess file will redirect the request to static saved/cached pages.. The speed will be equivalent to a simple HTML webpage. Also, as explained above, use compression of CSS and JS files. In addition to all these, you can make image sprites instead of linking each image separately.


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Hello Amrit

How can we decide we should go for Boost or varnish or both ? Is is only shared or VPS criteria or anything else ? Please share your view ?

Mandakini Kumari

For varnish, you need to

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For varnish, you need to install stuff in the server, apart from normal LAMP. Go through their website. But you can install Boost anywhere, its just another drupal module. Performance is something which you can always tweak by doing new things, like for instance using solid state drives! The question is, how much do you need? For me, Boost satisfies me fully and its damn easy to use :)

thank you very much...

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thank you very much...


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thanks a lot. My site is running extremely slow - even difficult to login

Dibya Dutta
New Delhi