How Can I get xml From my Amozon Secret keys?

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Hi Team...

Can anyone please help me to solve my issue? I want one sample xml file to feed amazon products (or other merchant sites) to my site. How can I get this? I found that we can get xml file from the amazon secret keys, but need some hacking. It will be very helpful if you provide me any idea.. Thanks in advance for all your help...!


I've had success with the

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I've had success with the amazon and amazon_store modules (,

Hi Jlyon, I am not using

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Hi Jlyon,

I am not using Amazon module. I want to feed the items dynamically. I am using Feeds module and feeds_xpathparser module to feed the data. I just want the xml file to upload for testing...

I don't think that Amazon can

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I don't think that Amazon can give their products as XML feed. You can use their AWS(you need to have their secret & app keys, to get these join as an Amazon affiliate), to fetch the products by ASIN, browsenode, search term etc.

Maybe RSS ?

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I haven't checked in a long time but Amazon used to offer RSS feeds of certain product flows/lists like best selling DVDs and such. I don't know what their options are now but it might be worth checking out

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