IPv6 in Drupal 8

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Making some changes to the drupal core. We want to be able to block users by the IPv6 instead of IPv4 as You may or not know v6 is unique to the device where v4 can be a block of IP's and can block someone who might end up with the IP the next time it is assigned. But can not find the PHP user $GLOBAL to pull the v6 ip can anyone help?




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Hello, does anyone have any suggestions what the problem could be with recording and saving sound using the audio record module and nanogong applet. I can successfully record sound with the applet and save it but when I then save to publish as a note I only get the title of the posting and not the recording itself. Any possible reasons for this happening....?


Server Configuration

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Are you sure that you have your server configured correctly to handle the files that are being saved? I know that low priced hosting packages (like mine) have size limits on how large a single file may be. Sometimes, you can change this in php.ini, but even then you could still run into issues with your host.

See below:


file sizes

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no, my file size limit is 64MB there is no problem with that. I am with midphase.com, thanks for the reply


Other size limits

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Did you check both of these?

upload_max_filesize = 64M
post_max_size = 64M

I'd check your phpinfo and see. Also, what server is this on? I found that nginx has a limit of it's own outside PHP.


Did you press upload after

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Did you press upload after you recorded your file? If you are not user 1 did you check that you have permissions to view audiorecorderfield? Any errors in your report log?

Getting the recorded file to publish to a node

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Hey tamerzg

No errors in my report log. Cant find any permissions for audio recorder field. Only for audiofield downloads. I am user 1 administrator.
Could it be something to do with the fact that I need another audio player.
I have nanogong installed in the correct folder but do I also need another audio player installed to publish the file ?

No you don't need another

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No you don't need another audio player, unless you are doing conversion from wav to mp3 then you would need to install and enable one of mp3 players. By default you should be able to play recorded files in nanogong player.
Make sure that in admin/settings/audiofield you selected nanogong as default wav player.

nanogong player

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Does it need to be in a different location other than the
modules/audiorecorderfield/recorders folder. I notice that in the audio configuration settings there is another folder address which is at sites/all/libraries/player which says that audio players should be extracted to here. Should I be extracting more than the nanogong.jar file to the audiorecorderfield/ recorders folder?


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No modules/audiorecorderfield/recorders is correct folder.
Have you tried adding audiorecorderfield to another content type to see if it fixes the problem?
Which version of the module are you using?

Support is available on #drupal-support

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@workonmyshot: You'll want to log onto IRC on freenode (irc.freenode.net) for finer-grained support, or check the issues and support queue for the AudioRecordingField, available here: http://drupal.org/project/AudioRecordingField

When you mis-file support queries, not only do you limit your own chances of a successful resolution (there are usually more than 250 people in #drupal-support at any one time) but you also end up e-mailing everybody who is subscribed to the Portland group. Also, in this case, you've posted to a thread that was originally created back in December on an entirely different topic.

Best wishes and good luck with your issue!

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