Creating a CCK field module

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I wanted to create CCK field module. I am supposing there would be special considerations for cck field modules than a regular stand alone module. Where would be a good place to point me to?


CCK for developers

user rating user system using cck

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Hey guys am trying to create a simple rating system wherein user can rate other users.

To rate or vote other user the user must

1) Be an authenticated user

2) Be part of the group.

Here is an example for better understanding.

In my site i have these users who are authenticated, TIM, JIMMY, SAM, TOM, NICKKY, EMMA, PHIL, ALEXA.

TIM has created a group called ABCD [ i am using organic groups and have provided access to authenticated users to create groups ]

SAM, EMMA and PHIL have joined the group.

So now SAM can vote rate these users EMMA PHIL and TIM, while he cannot rate others i.e. JIMMY, TOM, NICKKY, ALEXA who are not part of this group ABCD.

So is the same for others they can only rate members who are part of their group, which they may have created or joined.

My question is, can we create such a module without coding using cck and other simple modules any suggestion.... ????

Thanks in advance for ur time and response ... :)


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thank u ill check em out and get back.....

Creating module without coding

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Is there any work around wherein i can manage to do the above module without coding, just using cck, views, and combining other such modules to form this functionality......

Or has anyone created such workarounds or come across good examples, tutorials, that they can share with me....


Can you explain why Organic

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Can you explain why Organic Groups + Five Star + Profile (??) isn't working as you'd like? That seems the obvious solution.


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Well my problem is in ABC GROUP i wish to display a list of users TIM, JHON etc.

I want this users to Rate each other with a comment*.

I wish to use default comment system that already exist in the Drupal, i have added fivestar rating field to the comment in the content type group already.

When i Go to Views > Add New View > Show > Content ....then i am not able to list the user who are the members or even the profiles of the users who are members

If i do Add New View > Show > Profiles ....then i am not able to use these modules Inline Ajax Comment [ ] or any module to show the default comment on the views page

My simple problem how to use comment while displaying the members list belonging to that group.


A bit hard to think this

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A bit hard to think this through without seeing the actual view. But, you did set arguments and relationships as needed to pull the members of a group only? Not sure why you couldn't pull the comments.


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Well this is what i did...

Add New View > Show > Profile of type Main Profile [ Named it Members List. ]

Created a block and content pane

In Relationship i added Group Membership:Profile Group Membership.

In Contextual Fillters i added (group membership)OG Membership: Group gid and set provide default value to current OG Group from context.

Argument Input Required Input: OG group ID.

Fields i added
Profile UserID
Profile Profile ID
Field : Profile Image
Profile : Country

Filter criteria i set
Profile Type (=main profile)
(group membership) OG Membership : State (= Active)

Allow Settings
Nothing Checked/ ticked.

This is all what i did.

If u wish to access and view the settings in my site, just create account on and ill provide you with the admin status.

And thank u so very much for your time.....

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