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In preparation for starting the 5.0 drumbeat, I was able to get killes (thx Gerhardt!) to run some analysis on I think if we can keep up this kind of growth (and with the spiking numbers of developers, projects, and activity on the site I think we can) 2007 could be a sort of tipping point for Drupal!

UPDATE: here's my blog post on the subject.

The source XLS file is also attached for your own viewing pleasure.

I got the community stats by sorting based on user profiles, so it's self-identified developers, service providers and support providers. This is why, for instance, we can see CVS accounts outpacing developers. However it's still indicative of the growing community.

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This is great analysis, but xls format? blech...

How about ods?

To put such great research about open source software into a proprietary format is saddening.

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blame the site and/or drupal ;)

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only proprietary document formats are accepted
the choices are: jpg jpeg gif png txt html doc xls pdf ppt pps

speaking of which, perhaps the default acceptable file types in drupal itself should be updated to include opendocument..

looks like this site is using the upload module defaults:

$upload_extensions_default = variable_get('upload_extensions_default', 'jpg jpeg gif png txt html doc xls pdf ppt pps');


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Well, that is a good point.

I've submitted an issue and patch to help fix that. Anyone want to +1 it? I also made an issue for the "short term" to get the formats included on and g.d.o.

And Josh - my apologies for assuming you had chosen XLS rather than having it required of you.

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and despite the gut level reaction of various Open Source communities to kick the messenger, Excel is quite a nice tool to use. :)


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Your issue and patch are already committed to HEAD

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I was going to "+1" your issue but I see Steven Wittens mentioned he committed it and your patch to HEAD.

I've used Microsoft Office products for years but am migrating away from them to OpenDocument formats; your issue submission is a good suggestion.

As sepeck mentions below, Excel is a good tool and does many things, but with OpenDocument I hope to lessen my dependence on Microsoft Office and thus not have to pay upgrade fees for the latest and greatest.

Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
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Walt Esquivel, MBA; MA; President, Wellness Corps; Captain, USMC (Veteran)
$50 Hosting Discount Helps Projects Needing Financing

Openoffice opens XLS

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Hey Greggles,

FWIW I'm pretty sure Openoffice will read XLS files. I'm not doing anything fancy that it won't process. Just trying to get the data out there.

true, but...

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Yes, and I should have started by saying a hearty thanks for 1) getting the data 2) sharing it graphically 3) sharing the raw data.

I was able to get to the data but I've made it a personal mission (quixotic as it might be) to push for the use of the ODF (or at least non-proprietary formats) wherever possible. As a fellow Open Source user and advocate I think you probably agree with that idea and will hopefully join me in "tilting" at the proprietary-file-format windmills.

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I agree with the blech :P

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I agree with the blech :P have you seen the new office suite though? its actually really well done I am impressed that Microsoft created a nice product for once.

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More recent stats about Drupal

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Hello Josh!

Interesting graphs about activity. Are there more recent numbers available also?

Is there a way how we we can measure or predict the number of Drupal sites there are worldwide?

Are there numbers available about the usage of D 4.7, 5 or 6?

More recent stats

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I am writing a research paper in grad school about the acquisition of opensource companies and I know that more recent stats like this would be very benefitial.

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Hello Josh, I have a question about the data here and on Dries' blog: how can we get the number of nodes per month (on a Drupal 7 site)?

Has it been extracted manually or is there a module for that?

Thanks for any info


The quant module can show you

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The quant module can show you that (among others)

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Thanks for the reply, for the time being I will do it manually with a query; hopefully the module update to Drupal 7 will be accomplished in the future.


Happy drupal ! with the big

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Happy drupal ! with the big community and deverloper ...

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