Ken? KDI Next Stages...

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Hi Ken,

I wasn't at DC so I may have missed vital information...

Please could you clarify what the next stages for KDI are? Or give me an idea of when you'll know the next stages?

The reason is I want to tell Kendra Initiative members (over 2000) about Kendra Hub but I'm concerned that we'll have to resubmit it in a new format and hence any comments or votes we get will be lost.

What do you suggest I do? Are we sticking with the same process?

Cheers Daniel


Next steps

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The next steps -- if someone wants to undertake them -- are to find new sources of funding.

Our Knight funding is on hiatus, and we do not have an ETA for when the program might resume with their support.

I do not think you will need to re-submit the proposal if we pick back up. When we re-start, we can simply begin with the existing applications.