Ideas or discussions about the grant selection process itself.
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Closed for good?

Does anyone know if there are plans to open up applications again in the future for the Knight Drupal Initiative?

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Tools to Help Coordinate and Fund Community Initiatives: The Snowball Code Sprint

2011-11-11 10:00 - 2011-11-13 20:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Thanks to the leadership of Allie Micka and R.J. Steinert, the Snowball initiative to provide tools for coordinating and funding Drupal initiatives is coming to the Boston area this long weekend for its first code sprint.

We will focus on building a working alpha so we have something real to share for feedback, to refine, and to build process, message, and governance around.

We'll be working on Friday November 11th, Saturday the 12th, and Sunday the 13th starting at 10am on Friday and no later than that on the weekend days in Somerville, Massachusetts.

If you can dive into helping build this, contact rjstatic or contact mlncn for directions to the venue.

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Leads on RFP's for Web Design/Development : December 1 - 15

Please find the links on RFP's below, if anybody likes to apply or looking for work on website Design/Development; you are most welcome to send proposals to these leads directly. Hope it helps people working with Drupal Web Design/Development - Password -

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REMINDER - PLEASE RSVP for Wednesday Miami Drupal Meetup

Here's a reminder to PLEASE RSVP for our Drupal meeting on Wednesday evening by visiting and confirming your attendance 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

We'll plan for DrupalCon SF, discuss the Knight Drupal Initiative, the Knight News Challenge and try to help Green Mobility Network get its geo tagged maps started. ( is a blog that could and will be more!)

Our February meetup was attended by 9 Drupallers and we discussed Open Publish, gallery modules and

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Drupal Open Learning Initiative

There are many great Drupal learning resources, groups, and tools but they can be somewhat disconnected and spread out. Our goal is to unify and bring these efforts together to provide a complimentary program and platform that serves all Drupal learning initiatives needs and efforts.

Drupal Open Learning
Drupal Open Learning is a new project learning program that provides hands on training in a wide range of areas ranging from site planning, drafting proposals, project management, information architecture, development, design, infrastructure, to business and community. It does this by pairing apprentices with a mentor or mentors, thus gaining exposure to real-world scenarios and connections with the local and global community. The knowledge transfer allows apprentices to become proficient, contribute back to the community, and retain the skills for gainful employment in the field of their choice.

Drupal Dojo
The evolutionary stages of the program seeks to follow through with the Drupal Dojo 2.0 vision by building off complimentary sites and collaborating with existing teams. A collaboration with the Open Media Project will provide a unique opportunity to craft a custom program to provide development help, training, and documentation and marketing on a regional level.

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Ken? KDI Next Stages...

Hi Ken,

I wasn't at DC so I may have missed vital information...

Please could you clarify what the next stages for KDI are? Or give me an idea of when you'll know the next stages?

The reason is I want to tell Kendra Initiative members (over 2000) about Kendra Hub but I'm concerned that we'll have to resubmit it in a new format and hence any comments or votes we get will be lost.

What do you suggest I do? Are we sticking with the same process?

Cheers Daniel

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Knight Drupal Initiative Announcement

Just announced from the DrupalCon stage:

The Knight Drupal (an open source content management system) Initiative’s winners (background on this project), announced at the DrupalCon DC Conference, will receive a total of $485,380 to:

* Create concise, up-to-date instructions for Drupal software packages so that tech novices can use the tools; (Winner: Programmer Addison Berry/ add1sun)

*Create a free publishing system to make it easier for several geographic communities to share local news with each other; (Winner: Oregon-based (billfitzgerald)
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Hello Everyone,

I was checking out the KnightPulse site, and noticed the header links have all these strange letters at the end of the links for the style sheet calls. I am hoping someone in this group might have an idea of what is causing this, and if it is normal ?


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We Media Changemakers $50,000 Challenge

I received the following invite via email today.

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Knight Drupal Initiative closing for 2008, program to reopen during DrupalCON DC

When the Knight Foundation announced the Knight Drupal Initiative at DrupalCON Boston, we entered a partnership with the Drupal community.

Our goal was to establish an open, ongoing grant application process for the purpose of creating better open source web applications.

The last six months have been phenomenal. Too successful, in fact. We currently have six proposals under funding review, with over $600,000 (USD) in potential grants for Drupal projects.

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