Knight Drupal Initiative

Drupal and the Knight Foundation agree that open source
digital publishing can enable powerful agents of transformation
in their respective communities.

Together, we are working to improve communities by providing
an open democratic platform in the digital age.

We provide funding for grant proposals that achieve our mutual
goals by using and improving the Drupal platform.

Applications are currently closed.

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Ubuntu Edge Indiegogo Campaign

Hey Everyone,

Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, have started an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for a highly innovative, leading edge technology phone called the Ubuntu Edge. Here's the link.

It'll be a converged device that will act as a PC with Ubuntu OS when connected to a monitor/keyboard. It'll cost $830 dollars but there are still lower priced perks still available.

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Closed for good?

Does anyone know if there are plans to open up applications again in the future for the Knight Drupal Initiative?

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Drupal-based Knight News Challenge entry: VozMob / Mobile Voices

Vote up our Drupal-based entry into the Knight News Challenge!

This proposal will support continued development of the VozMob Drupal distribution, which includes completing the Drupal 7 upgrade of various contributed modules.

VozMob - - "amplifies the voices of those excluded from the digital public sphere, by appropriating mobile phones for community-based journalism."

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Tools to Help Coordinate and Fund Community Initiatives: The Snowball Code Sprint

2011-11-11 10:00 - 2011-11-13 20:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Thanks to the leadership of Allie Micka and R.J. Steinert, the Snowball initiative to provide tools for coordinating and funding Drupal initiatives is coming to the Boston area this long weekend for its first code sprint.

We will focus on building a working alpha so we have something real to share for feedback, to refine, and to build process, message, and governance around.

We'll be working on Friday November 11th, Saturday the 12th, and Sunday the 13th starting at 10am on Friday and no later than that on the weekend days in Somerville, Massachusetts.

If you can dive into helping build this, contact rjstatic or contact mlncn for directions to the venue.

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How to apply for 2011 News Challenge?

Could someone explain the procedures of applying for 2011 News Challenge with Drupal?

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Support Drupal & Community Media @ National Conference for Media Reform

Dear Drupalistas

My session is one of the finalists for's National Conference for Media Reform in Boston, but I need YOUR vote to help it make the final list.

The conference will focus on media reform, media policy and media activism, and will be an important opportunity to promote Drupal the Open Media Project, Open Source and Community Media to the many local and national attendees.

Please vote here: Open Sourcing Community Media -

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Drupal Developer | VozMob (Voces Moviles / Mobile Voices)

Employment type: 

VozMob (, a mobile blog by day laborers and household workers in Los Angeles, seeks a skilled Drupal Developer to help us implement a new round of functionality.

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Transmission Drupal Distribution proposal to Knight News Challenge

Hi all, the Transmission network ( has just completed a full proposal to the Knight News Challenge, for a video-focused 'Transmission Drupal Distribution': If we get the $, we will do an open consultation process with Transmission network partners and the Drupal community to determine the modules we will fund development of. Please check out the proposal, rate it up, and if you think you would use this distribution, leave a comment to let Knight know it would be useful! Thanks.

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DRUPALers in MIAMI... introducing.. INCUBATE MIAMI

I just wanted all of the Miami Drupal community to be aware of a new organization.

The Enterprise Development Corp. of South Florida (EDC) is opening a 12,000-square-foot technology incubator in downtown Miami to nurture startup companies.

The center, called Incubate Miami, will offer discounted rent to young tech companies. The benefit for companies occupying the incubator will be twofold, explained Jane Teague, EDC’s executive director: The rent is cheap and the proximity to other tech companies offers synergistic opportunities.

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Miami Drupal meetup on March 24, 2010

2010-03-24 18:00 - 20:30 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

For the March 24th meeting - at Knight Foundation - we'll discuss some of the winners of the Knight Drupal Initiative. We'll be shortly setting up a dial-in (voice only) conference line for this meeting. We hope to invite one or more of the KDI winners to join us via the phone call.

For this event you MUST RSVP with your full name to be admitted by security staff on the first floor elevator lobby. Also you should arrive by 6pm because the elevators will lock out at that time.

Snacks and some refreshments will be provided by Knight Foundation. - Robertson Adams


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Knight News Challenge proposal : Need feedback from drupal ninjas!

Hello all Drupal Dojo users! I thought it would be a good idea to have some Drupal ninjas read and comment my proposal to the Knight Foundation for as the deadline is coming quickly for the news challenge and we hope to get the best proposal as possible!

If you are interested in the topics of information management, social agregation, information overload and community-based news networks, please have a look!

The idea is simply to get some ideas going and get some constructive critizism from the Drupal Dojo about this quite complex project!

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If you're paying a development team to build a Knight or similarly funded project, what are you paying them?

0 - $25 / hour
13% (5 votes)
$25 - $50 / hour
28% (11 votes)
$50 - $75 / hour
28% (11 votes)
$75 - $100 / hour
20% (8 votes)
13% (5 votes)
Total votes: 40
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Ken? KDI Next Stages...

Hi Ken,

I wasn't at DC so I may have missed vital information...

Please could you clarify what the next stages for KDI are? Or give me an idea of when you'll know the next stages?

The reason is I want to tell Kendra Initiative members (over 2000) about Kendra Hub but I'm concerned that we'll have to resubmit it in a new format and hence any comments or votes we get will be lost.

What do you suggest I do? Are we sticking with the same process?

Cheers Daniel

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Knight Drupal Initiative Announcement

Just announced from the DrupalCon stage:

The Knight Drupal (an open source content management system) Initiative’s winners (background on this project), announced at the DrupalCon DC Conference, will receive a total of $485,380 to:

* Create concise, up-to-date instructions for Drupal software packages so that tech novices can use the tools; (Winner: Programmer Addison Berry/ add1sun)

*Create a free publishing system to make it easier for several geographic communities to share local news with each other; (Winner: Oregon-based (billfitzgerald)
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Open Source Made Easy - Full Drupal Sites & Reciples Installed instantly.. and for "free"

Would you like a website as functonal as one of the top drupal newspaper sites. Would you like that for Free and deployed in 2 minutes.. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just click a button and have a full site installed .. that works.

This is what the Simple Idea makes possible

The current installation and configuration process for Drupal is a significant barrier to entry for:

  • Not For Profits
  • Charities
  • SMEs
  • Developers

Currently Drupal and other CMS are difficult to set up for end users - ie not developers.

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Open Media Camp

2009-04-18 09:00 - 2009-04-19 18:00 America/Denver
Event type: 
User group meeting

UPDATE: Open Media Camp planning, session proposals, conversations, rsvp, etc have all been moved to the new camp site at:

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rovo's picture Header Links

Hello Everyone,

I was checking out the KnightPulse site, and noticed the header links have all these strange letters at the end of the links for the style sheet calls. I am hoping someone in this group might have an idea of what is causing this, and if it is normal ?


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We Media Changemakers $50,000 Challenge

I received the following invite via email today.

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Rework Memetracker/CRE modules and write Profile API

[It looks like I'm a bit late to the party :) But please, anyone who is interested in this functionality, review and rate this project so it'll be ready to roll come next spring. . . thanks!]

All organizations, large and small, have a vital need to deliver relevant and timely information to its members. My project will be to make it possible for organizations to easily meet this need. I will improve two Drupal modules, write a new module, and write documentation so that organizations can easily add sophisticated news aggregation and recommendation tools into their Drupal website.

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