Boston Initiative Drupalcon session proposal accepted!

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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share some exciting news announced at the Boston Initiative Issue Sprint last night: Our Drupalcon Denver session proposal, The Drupal Contribution Ladder: A gift and a challenge to you from Boston, has been accepted! We're listed in the Drupalcon sessions listing here.

There's a lot of planning and prep work to do to get ready for Drupalcon Denver. Please email me or talk to me at the February meetup on 2/7 if you'd like to be involved.



Awesome! This is what I

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Awesome! This is what I really hoped for but was braced for disappointment. This presentation is our big chance to go viral with this initiative. We need to get representatives from all the big GDO groups in attendance. We need to get our curriculum in great shape. We need a great presentation with success stories and such. I'm hoping that folks volunteer to help Bryan and Jeannie get ready for this.

Let's dedicate the full two hours of our February and March meetups to the Boston Initiative. In April, we will go back to lightening talks for half or all of the 2 hours. I will create the Event nodes shortly and emphasize this new agenda.

While I'm talking, I want to remind everyone about the upcoming Drupalcamp Western MA on Jan 21 in Amherst. It will be a great event


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