[ANN] MongoDrop: A simple distribution that uses MongoDB

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I created a simple distro to play with MongoDB. Introducing MongoDrop

It uses the features for blocks, cache, field storage, and sessions.

I found problems with mongodb_watchdog that I couldn't figure out right away. I haven't looked at mongodb_queue yet.

Let me know what you think :)


Please report bugs on the issue queue

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Nice idea. Since I mostly care after the watchdog component, I'm a bit worried that you had problems although you do not appear to have any open issues on that component: if you meet some difficulties with that component (or any other, of course), please submit issues in the issue queue,

The problems I had with

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The problems I had with mongodb_watchdog were caused by issues using it along with mongodb_cache. And the problem itself was a core bug #1371484: Private properties in abstract class DrupalCacheArray.

It's been committed to 8.x and I've provided an initial 7.x backport. Unfortunately it only applies against 7.x-dev and not 7.10 so the distro.make file has been updated to download the Drupal git repository which can take awhile. If/when this gets applied to core I'll be able to switch this back.

It is possible to just grab a

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It is possible to just grab a snapshot of a specific git revisions instead of the entire repository:

So with drush make you can specify to download the following:



You can find these links when browsing the repository online at: http://drupalcode.org/project/drupal.git

very cool

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thanks for that tip!

High performance

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