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The main module that relates to Redmine in Drupal is Redmine API, although it only has a D6 version published. There is a patch in the issue queue for D7 compatibility but since the maintainer hasn't published it even as a -dev release it likely needs more work.


Good call

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We use Redmine for our Drupal projects although I haven't looked at the Redmine API integration. I'm not sure of the benefits of us integrating anything outside of the main Redmine web UI however. I'm prepared to be convinced otherwise.

In our case, we have

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In our case, we have client-facing ticketing system built with Drupal (there are business reasons for this) and internal Redmine instance. Creating a bridge between them would make our workflows a bit more streamlined. We are considering participating in Drupal 7 module development - currently deciding on the resources we can dedicate to it.

Ticketing to Redmine

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Glad people are talking about this.

I think one thing that needs to be tackled right away should be the ability to create feature/bug reports from the Drupal interface...

Using REST we should be able to achieve this fairly quick.

I think one thing that needs to be considered on this project is the declaration of roles and visibility of information. One solution would be to force the drupal environment to use a central LDAP that Redmine will use as well. Keeping role management simpler in the long run.

Anyone who wants to collab with me on this PM me or catch me in the #drupal-oc room.

I am very interested in working on this.

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I agree with you on the bug reporting from a drupal interface. That would be an excellent first step.

We have provided direct access into redmine for some of our clients and are struggling with roles and permissions. Mainly the lack of granularity with permissions. Some areas its an "all or nothing" deal and that is difficult when dealing with access for clients. We have found that the ability to create tickets doesnt have a "edit my tickets" (but not others). This leads to the issue of tickets that go back and forth. Maybe we need some feedback from the client who ticketed but we cannot issue it back to them because they will not be able to edit the ticket. If we do give them rights to edit the ticket, they can view and edit all tickets..... something we dont want.

I believe this issue is documented here:

Feedmine and Redmine API Integration

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I had a look at the feedmine module which connects to a local redmine database and then modified it to use the Redmine API (Rest).

It works well but is limited by the abilities of the Redmine API. The patch can be found here:


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