Barcelona Drupal Developer Days Call for Speakers & Registration

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2012-06-15 (All day) - 2012-06-17 (All day) Europe/Madrid
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

You can now register for the European Drupal Developer Days that take place from June 15th to 17th, 2012 at the Citilab training & research center in Barcelona.

At the Drupal Developer Days we are offering sessions, trainings, ad-hoc meetings, code sprints and practical workshops about the latest developments and techniques in the world of Drupal 8.

We are now also accepting session submissions. If you want to present in Barcelona, you should start thinking now about a good subject that will capture the attention of a crowd of mainly programmers.
The conference is targeted at Drupal developers with varying skill sets: from the beginners who just discovered Drupal to the experts that push the Certified to Rock meter into the red. The sessions should focus on technical topics.

Please have a look at the speaker's guidelines that we assembled.

If you have any questions, please use our forum, contact form or ping @drupaldaysbcn on Twitter

Keep a close eye on our website and follow the Drupal Developer Days Barcelona on Twitter @drupaldaysbcn, to stay informed on the latest details.


hmm... good event on

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hmm... good event on spectacular city, but why on the hi-season?

drupal+me: jeweler portfolio

Barcelona's lo-season

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Thanks!, but I'm afraid there's no such thing as lo-season in Barcelona :))
We've got good hotel prices, see:


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What's the price for this 3-day seminar?


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We haven't got ticket information yet, but we're posting it here as soon as possible

Probably will be in the range of 20-30€, hopefully not more than that.

sessions Cost

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Wat will be cost of sessions.

good event ,let's moving

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Only local images are allowed.Only local images are allowed.good event ,let's moving

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