Comparing current Twitter-related modules

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Module URL D6 date D7 date Instal Principal Usage Used outside Twitter Notes
twitter 2011-Dec-03 2011-Dec-03 17913 publish, login, import, link account Read + display, login
service_links 2011-Oct-07 2011-Oct-07 17231 incite visitors to tweet yes widgets; also link to account
addtoany 2011-Mar-07 2011-Mar-07 15723 incite visitors to tweet yes 3rd party
boxes 2012-Jan-25 2012-Jan-27 9073 dependency, etc. yes also Display
follow 2011-May-09 2011-Oct-27 8332 link to account yes
twitter_pull 2011-Jan-10 2011-Jan-10 6180 Read + display
tweetbutton 2010-Nov-02 2011-Dec-19 2985 incite visitors to tweet
tweet 2011-Sep-13 2011-Sep-13 1792 incite visitors to tweet
on_the_web 2011-Aug-11 2011-Aug-11 1654 link to account yes
activitystream 2010-Nov-28 1496 Read + display yes
tweetmeme 2009-Dec-19 2011-Mar-10 1463 incite visitors to tweet 3rd party
easy_social 2011-Nov-20 2012-Jan-05 1423 incite visitors to tweet yes
social-share 2011-May-27 2011-May-27 1389 incite visitors to tweet yes
rpx 2011-Aug-08 2011-Aug-08 1382 login yes
twitter_profile_widget 2011-Oct-06 2011-Oct-06 1354 Read + display javascript
twitter_block 2011-Apr-21 1285 Read + display provides a single block
socialmedia 2012-Jan-25 917 incite visitors to tweet yes widgets; also link to account
widgets 2011-Dec-20 789 dependency, etc. yes
openid_selector 2011-Feb-10 2011-May-07 685 login yes opendi, Oauth
contact_importer 2010-Oct-20 2011-Jun-30 662 friend finder
pingfm 2011-Sep-21 374 publish yes 3rd party
gigya 2011-Dec-19 2011-Dec-19 361 dependency, etc. yes 3rd party; also Everything
topsy 2010-Aug-10 272 incite visitors to tweet 3rd party
jasm 2012-Jan-18 2011-Aug-22 209 incite visitors to tweet yes Also Link to account
twitter_search_feeds 2009-Jul-25 148 Read + display activitystream
tweetpack 2011-May-16 118 incite visitors to tweet javascript; also Read + display, link to account
simpleshare 2011-Mar-17 2011-Mar-17 109 incite visitors to tweet yes
connector 2010-Aug-21 2012-Jan-22 89 login yes via oauth
feeds_social 2011-Feb-13 74 read yes
oauthconnector 2010-Aug-21 2012-Feb-01 73 login yes
twitterfield 2011-Nov-14 2012-Jan-28 64 display widgets, Twitter_pull
socialshareprivacy 2011-Nov-19 2012-Jan-28 63 incite visitors to tweet yes privacy (click twice)
followbutton 2011-Jul-06 60 link to account
dailytwitter 2009-Aug-11 2011-Mar-16 59 Read + display
twitter_username 2011-Oct-14 58 link to account field
oauthloginprovider 2011-May-16 2011-May-27 41 login yes
mit3xxxtoolbar 2010-Feb-02 40 incite visitors to tweet yes
twitter_import 2011-May-08 2011-Nov-25 35 read
jquery_twitter_search 2011-Oct-29 30 Read + display javascript
serviceconnect 2011-Apr-05 28 login yes
socialtoaster 2011-May-05 24 publish yes 3rd party
twitter_blackbird 2011-May-09 19 Read + display text filter, Blackbird api is gone
shoutem_api 2011-Mar-19 19 incite visitors to tweet yes 3rd party
feeds_oauth 2010-Nov-14 2011-Dec-09 19 dependency, etc. yes
qwerly 2011-Aug-08 8 friend finder yes 3rd party
twitterminer 2011-Sep-11 7 read
socialflow 2011-Dec-17 6 incite visitors to tweet yes 3rd party
socialscore 2011-Jun-29 6 dependency, etc. yes
twitter_db 2012-Mar-08 5 Read + display yes Stores tweets in database
entity_external_rating 2011-Nov-11 4 dependency, etc. yes voting api
twitter_pull_json Read + display new, Twitter_pull, Json output
twitterbot publish new; also Read
twitterfield_pull Read + display new; Read from any twitter fields - Display through views
twitter_timeline 2013-Mar-07 Read + display new; Configurable twitter timeline widget blocks using Bean


And another

I found 100 twitter modules,

Robin Millette's picture

I found 100 twitter modules, but this list only includes the ones I considered current. domain_tweets doesn't have a release and no commits in a year, which is why it was left out.

Not applicable modules?

sokrplare's picture

I think this module should be removed from the list unless I'm missing something about it:
boxes - doesn't have any Twitter functionality, just Twitter Pull can integrate with it, but that is all on Twitter Pull's side

Also, might be helpful to split this table into two sections - direct Twitter modules vs. something + Twitter - basically split based on the "Used outside Twitter" column.

Oh, nice work on the list.

Robin Millette's picture

Oh, nice work on the list. Thanks! Maybe this effort will help weed out twitter modules after all :-)

Nice work yourself!

sokrplare's picture

Thanks for doing the hard work to assemble this in the first place! I know it was helpful to me today already.

"Boxes" is listed as a

Robin Millette's picture

"Boxes" is listed as a dependency only. Feel free to remove it if you like.

OpenID Selector

xurizaemon's picture

OpenID Selector improves upon the UI provided by Twitter Signin (part of Twitter module), which it depends upon. It doesn't really add Twitter functionality.

Twitter module provides publish, login and import as well. I see that your column is labelled "Principal usage" but I think that's dependent on how it's applied.

Wow. 100 modules? Nuts. Can we embed a combined usage graph for them? :)

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Cool! Thnks!

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Twitter client?

oadaeh's picture

Could any of the above modules be used as a full-fledged Twitter client? My search, so far, has not been fruitful, but maybe I'm doing it wrong.

A proper Twitter client would

Garrett Albright's picture

A proper Twitter client would need to be able to post tweets instead of only retrieving them. This is a whole other level of complexity, and not one that I presume most clients would ask for, so I doubt you're going to find a module which supports that at more than a very basic level, if at all.

I appreciate your response

oadaeh's picture

I understand you are not saying there are none that do implement it, but that it is highly unlikely, due to the level of involvement. I think that if there was an actual full Twitter client, people would know about it, even if they weren't using it.

This saves me hours of work and research, especially considering the number of clients available. Had there been only a few modules, I would have just installed them all, tried them out, and read through the code to find out for myself.

Thank you.

Ok, so I wrote another to

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Ok, so I wrote another to solve my usecase before finding this page!! None of the above seem to solve the same problem, so it wasn't wasted effort at least. I have added it to the list. Hopefully this simple module will help those that just want to show twitter timeline widgets without unnecessary complexity.

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