VoIP Drupal webinar: Building sites that make and receive phone calls

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Hello everyone,

We are very happy to introduce you to the latest and greatest features of the VoIP Drupal platform!

As part of this webinar, you will learn about VoIP Drupal, a new open source framework that makes it easy to build websites that almost literally pick-up the phone, make calls, record messages, broadcast audio, and more.

By integrating web, SMS/Text, email, and telephone technologies together, VoIP Drupal takes “community plumbing” into a new dimension, facilitating the implementation of community outreach initiatives, phone-based polls, audio blogs and other systems in ways that would be extremely difficult otherwise.

In this session, we will
* Introduce VoIP Drupal, its functionality and basic components
* Demonstrate use cases and the latest features of VoIP Drupal in action
* Present the VoIP Drupal roadmap and how to join the initiative

Join us! Registration is already open at: https://mitweb.webex.com/mitweb/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=646536490

VoIP Drupal will change the way you interact with Drupal, your phone and the web! Learn more at the VoIP Drupal project page, the VoIP Drupal group and the demo site.


WOW - Visual VoIP Drupal is FANTASTIC!

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NICE - I am really impressed with the newest releases of VoIP Drupal modules from Leo's team!!!!

I just created a test script in the VoIP Drupal Sandbox (voipdrupal.org), where you can drag pieces of the script around...

I created a VoIP Drupal script using the new Visual Voip Drupal module that is available in the sandbox. It calls my other Drupal site where I have VoIP Drupal set up using a custom module that reads the most recent posted announcement.

Cool or what?


Try it yourself, or just go look at what people are doing with it here:

Handbook on Platform Cooperativism, a movement building platforms and tools owned by the people. http://bit.ly/hackitownit

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What if you could combine the best of website content with the ease of landline and mobile phones?

Join VoIP Drupal's creator Leo Burd for a webinar this Wednesday to learn how to build websites that make and receive phone calls.

Register: http://bit.ly/zix175

More about this webinar:

Thanks for the webinar!

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So Your loading the scripts thru a content type. On a large user site You really should not have the PHP filter on. Is it coded so only the VoIP content type bypass the filter system and allows PHP without the PHP filter on? We have to be really careful here if it is this way, because someone can grab that function and use it else where. i hope that makes sense.

Thanks Again!

Re:Thanks for the webinar!

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Hi MarketStone,

Thanks for your comment! Originally, the VoIP Script UI module had been created mostly with developers in mind, ie. to support the learning and the fast prototyping of scripts. Given the fact that folks now seem to be interested in providing users and admins with the ability to create their own VoIP Scripts, we are currently implementing code filtering mechanisms to limit what can be done by whom. Stay tuned!



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