Two-way node/term reference?

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Is there a way to create a synchronized relationship between a node and a taxonomy term?

For example, I use the Corresponding Node References module so that when I select a node title from a node reference field in one content type, a corresponding field is populated with the same reference in another content type. I have a content type called Movies and another called Actors. With this module, when I select "Sigourney Weaver" in a node reference field called "Starring" in a Movies node titled "Alien", the Actor node field "Stars in" in the node titled "Sigourney Weaver" is automatically updated with "Alien." Simple enough.

My question: Is there a similar module or method for creating such a relationship between nodes and taxonomy terms?

Right now, I have a long list of movie titles. I need to edit each one in order to populate the "Genre" field, which is a term reference field. It would be much faster if I were able to edit a term, for example "Science Fiction", and add values to a field called "Movies in this genre" -- that way, I could associate many films to the term (and vice-versa) with only one edit action, instead of needed to edit each applicable Movie node to label it "Science Fiction".

Is this possible?



I just finished porting

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I just finished porting corresponding node references over to drupal 7 for use with entities. Check out Corresponding Entity References


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