TONIGHT: Agenda for last Boston Initiative activity before Drupalcon Denver

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Over the last several months our group has dedicated the first hour of our meetup to the "Boston Initiative", trying to figure out how to make it easier for people to learn about and contribute to Drupal. Tonight is the last meetup before DrupalCon Denver, where we will be introducing the initiative the the broader Drupal community.

Here's a proposed agenda for the Boston Initiative portion of tonight's meetup (6:30 - 7:30):

  • Review my draft outline for the DrupalCon presentation and get input from the group
  • Give a quick overview of and the Learn Drupal distro (totally re-written since the February meetup)
  • Discuss where our Boston User Group would like to see the broader Drupal community take this project after DrupalCon Denver

On a personal note: As I mentioned at the last meetup, I will be moving to Washington DC soon. This will likely be my last Boston Drupal meetup for about 12 months. It has truly been a pleasure to get to be part of this extraordinary group. Thank you all for your ideas, time and friendship.




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Couldn't make it last night.

At risk of posting what might be seen as spam - thank you so much for leading this effort. I hope other groups (in Drupal and in other open source / community projects) will take up the lead!

I would just add that should have a bit of context on its home page - that it is about learning how to contribute to Drupal, or how to participate in the community, not just yet-another "learn how to use Drupal" site.

I know it is marked as "in progress"

Let me know if I can help and see you at Drupalcon


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