Article and Promo dates don't appear to be in sync

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When creating a new article the promo is created as expected, but when I assign a back date, it appears that the date is not copied to the promo. Example: I create an article today, 3/13 with the authoring date of 2012-03-01 1200 but the promo date is 2012-03-13 . I would have expected that the date that was assigned to the article would also post on the promo as well.

Yes this is issue is not huge moving forward with future content, but there is a lot of content that needs to be back ported with old dates so this can become a real pain since we are talking about probably 2500+ nodes of data that needs to be back-filled.



Promos are currently only

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Promos are currently only created when an article is created, and the initial values are then copied over. The promo is not kept in sync after that. You can change this however through rules however:

  • Enable the rules admin module
  • Go to admin => rules => triggered rules.
  • There is a rule called "Create promo clone of article", this is the rule responsible for creating promos.
  • The action "Cross clone node" is the one responsible for creating the article, and it has settings for how to handle syncing if you click on it. The specific setting you're interested in is probably "Coupling settings". It is set to No coupling, but if you set it to for instance "Couple downstream, similar", the promo will automaticly be updated when the parent article is updated.

//Fabian Sörqvist

I set the rule to Couple

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I set the rule to Couple Downstream, similar but I could not get it to work as you described.

This is what I did:
* Set published date in the Article to 2012-01-15 12:00:00, shows as "Published: January 15, 2012" (works)
* Updated: 10:23 March 14, 2012 (this is fine)
* I reviewed the Promo date and it was 2012-03-14 10:23:24 -0800 (doesn't work as expected)

I just made the change and it saved, but I didn't run cron, dump the cache or anything else.

Did I miss a step?


Tried it again and it didn't

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Tried it again and it didn't work.

Tried "straight" clone

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Tried "straight" clone settings as well as other variants and settings and it still does not work as desired.

Just to be clear, when I create "Back dated" content and select a different publish year, month, day, time I would like that date information to pass to the cloned Promo as well. The probably would not happen too often under normal circumstances, but I am trying to back-fill some content that can be upwards of 10-years old. This back-date would only happen one time (normally) when the Article is created.

The workaround I have now is to edit the Promo, which is a lot of extra steps for the users.

Any more ideas?