July Challenge Meeting

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After the May meeting yesterday, several of us kicked around an idea for July's meeting. Between now and the June meeting, we brainstorm a challenge in the form of a client requirement or a user spec.

At the June meeting, we'll announce the challenge, and then interested parties will use Drupal to solve the problem. Core, contrib, and custom solutions are all welcome. In July, everyone who tried to solve it will sign up to present, and we'll divide the meeting time among them, but presentations won't be longer than 10 minutes each.

This is the promised post so people could start brainstorming challenges. We were thinking something that won't take an incredible amount of time to solve but which can be accomplished in many ways.


Question and Answer Challenge?

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I like the idea of a challenge! If I can suggest one that might be fun, and that probably has many ways to accomplish it: how about a Question and Answer section? Something where a user can post a question, and either a moderator or a user can post answers - but possibly the moderator answer always shows above other user answers or is somehow distinguished..

OK, in all honesty this is something that's on my to-do list anyway - but I think it's something useful on many community sites.

Michelle Blum
Pure Solutions Internet Marketing
Drupal 6

Michelle Blum
Pure Solutions Internet Marketing
Drupal 6

Great Idea!

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I second this suggestion. I agree that this sort of thing would be useful on lots of community sites. I have a similar idea for a site of my own I'm planning to build one of these days. Plus, depending on the specific application and context of this feature, there could be some fascinating variations on how people put it together in Drupal.

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