Facebook open graph API integration with D7 - Enabling Drupal for Facebook apps

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Short description:
Integrate Facebook open graph api providing drupal based website to leverage the action & object based categorization of user activity and share them on the Facebook. Empower any Drupal 7 installation to have its own Facebook - open graph based app.

Drupal has many use cases & user generated content, actions which in the light of open graph api creates a rich social ecosystem and enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph.

Hence this can be used on Drupal to allow any type of content, images, blogposts, comments, etc to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.

There are many drupal modules which were started with focus on integrating facebook's open graph API into drupal. But none of them is nearly complete. Only one which does very basic D6 integration is http://drupal.org/project/fog.


I recently used drupal in a drupalcamp for the first time. Loved it since, got an opportunity to explore more in a semister project for my college where I had to create a social platform for students. I found drupal lagging behind in inheriting the rapidly exploding social ecosystem and APIs binding them. Hence I took up this challenge to do this one this right.


The project objective is to seamlessly integrate facebook open graph api into drupal allowing drupal implimenters, adminitrators and other fellow module developers to leverage the social aspect of user's activity and content.


The Open Graph allows apps to model user activities based on actions and objects. This project aims to provide every drupal installtion a simple facebook app with ability to define “commenting (action) on a blogpost(object), registering(action) a new account(object) on drupal, watching(action) a video(object)".

For example, In a scenario with a Drupal based online magazine / new website. Facebook open graph integration module, which would provide a wizard to create an Facebook app out of Drupal installation, mapping user action to facebook's action and drupal content and object on which these action take place.

Every such Drupal installtion can have its own facebook app similar to the gaurdian, sportingnew,etc.

This integration would open endless possiblities to map drupal's user actions to that of facebook actions.

  1. creating a new content

  2. commenting on a page

  3. viewing a video

  4. buying an item from uberkart based ecommerce site

And many many more such cases.


  1. Module providing a Wrapper API for Facebook's open graph API. Drilling down, a complete and powerful set of hooks and methods to make it very easy for developers to define an action and deploy a fully integration facebook app based out of drupal.

  2. A flexible admin wizard cum dashboard for administrator to get started with basic start and further customization of verbs.

  3. The administrative panel to define how & what actions of user will be posted to user's facebook timeline.

  4. Ability to provide customize the UI/UX of what gets posted on facebook.

  5. To start with basic integrations with diverse drupal modules / content

a. Blog

b. Image

c. ubercart

d. comments & more

Roadmap :

Till May 23rd

  1. Curate a basic design of the module, wrapper API and get ideas on it from the community and the mentor

  2. Study the use-cases to enhance the spectrum of posiblities with facebook open graph integrations

  3. Research on how the module could be so easy that even a drupal administrator can switch on facebook integration, deploy the app.

Milestone A ( Planning)

May 23 : May 31 -> Study Open graph api documentation https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/ . Also study the use cases possible.

June 1 : June 6 -> Jot down the design and roadmap of Facebook open graph wrapper API.

Milestone B (Prototyping)

June 6 : June 30 -> Prototype Drupal's wrapper API for facebook open-graph. Get ready the first few action that could be mapped with facebook

July 1 : July 15 -> Code improvement, Testing , Debugging and Documentation (Detailed ).

Deliver Wrapper API for Facebook's open graph API for to Community and Mentor to review it.

Milestone C:

July 16 : July 2 -> start building dashboard for Drupal's facebook app. Administrator can set actions, choose properties to publish,etc

July 22 : July 30 -> Work on improving flexibilty so to make dashboard powerful enough for to play with custom content type in Drupal.

August 1 : August 3-> First alpha version. Incorporate changes and feedback from the community and mentor

August 4 : August 10 -> Code basic integration of wrapper API with CCK, ubercart, comments module. Document them as examples for other developers to integrate.

Deliver Dashboard for Drupal based Facebook app. Basic integration modules, examples and documentation for Developers.

Milestone D:

August 11 - August 18 -> Write unit tests, last finishing touches. Facebook open graph integration module is complete.

August 20 -> Submit Final evaluation Report, Firm pencil down date.



Apologies for late submission

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Just got to know about Google summer of code from a friend 2 days back and the brilliant opportunity to work under a mentor for 3 months.

Been working on this idea on my own while playing with Drupal to create a social platform for student in my college. Hence applied.


Is this done or still

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Is this done or still available to do ?

Google Summer of Code 2012

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