What is the best way to Responsive Theming NodeStream?

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I want to make NodeStream responsive. So I looked around an found the Omega theme. With a very nice self sub theme installer! I yet have to see what is the right way to go, as to theming NodeStream. I also installed Lucid, and see that it [out of the box] looks like it is playing better with NodeStream. Why is that?

So what would be the steps to theme NodeStream?

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NodeStream uses Panels

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NodeStream uses Panels everywhere for all layout to avoid having to use the blocks system. This comes with a number of benefits, but one drawback is that your theme must support it by providing at least one layout.

Omega doesn't support any layouts as far as I know, so if you probably have to create one.

Lucid comes with a few layouts out of the box, and it also supports the layouts that come with NodeStream in order to ease development together with NodeStream.

//Fabian Sörqvist

Thanks Fabian, I have been

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Thanks Fabian,

I have been watching some screencasts of NodeOne. Great stuff. Views and Pagemanager. Have been reading up on Panels Everywhere and where possible downloaded a screencast.

Could somebody point me in the right direction here if I want to theme my site using NodeStream and Lucid.

Please correct me if I am wrong here:

  • create a sub theme of Lucid
  • get an overide.css in there
  • style with panes everywhere and css

Correct? Or am I missing something? Just want to make sure I am starting correctly.

Hi Mailking, You summed up a

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Hi Mailking,

You summed up a pretty good approach by yourself.
However if you are new to theming, or responsive/adaptive front end techniques you might want to try downloading the Omega theme, along with Omega tools.
You can then build your own panels layouts

Thank you BJ, I'll check it

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Thank you BJ, I'll check it out. What would be the advantage for a newby of building your own layout, vs Lucids layouts that allready came with NodeStream?


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