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Experienced Senior Developer for Music Startup

Senior Developer - Join our team

Full-Time competitive salary plus equity options
United Kingdom
London or Norwich or remote working


Join our groundbreaking Music-Tech Startup which has been receiving international recognition for its disruptive solution for the entertainment industry. “Best European Startup 2014” SXSW Hatch.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual, passionate about cutting edge technology, with the drive to lead our tech team and steer our innovative product forward in this exciting new market space.

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Consultant | Pasco-Hernando State College

Employment type: 

We need some theming help to make our site more responsive for mobile. Site is built on omega, but with custom theme which with some tweaking could likely fill the need.

May also need help building grouped view for JSON feed.

Please contact Cynde Mercer at 727-816-3372 or for more info.

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Frontend Developer | Digital Garden

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Are you passionate about CSS3 and media queries, day dream about grid systems and take your breakfast with some JS and SASS?

Digital Garden is looking for a brilliant Front End Developer/Themer to join our team.

We are looking for a person with energy and a true passion for creating valid, accessible, cross-platform, mobile friendly websites and applications.

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Omega sub theme for BOA sites using o1.ftp user

Since o1.ftp is extremely restricted, has anybody successfully implemented omega sub-theme that requires ruby and all its related commands?

Is there a process guide that one can follow?


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D7 Themer - CLOSED | Astro Multimedia

Employment type: 

UPDATE - this position is no longer available. Thank you.

Hi guys

I need some help with theming. I'm developing a site for the Australian and NZ governments which does biosecurity intelligence gathering ( It's pretty interesting.

Anyway, it needs to work well on IE8 as well as mobile devices including iPhone, Android and tablets, whereas I'm developing on Mac. The theme works great on that, but I need a pro themer who has access to all those devices and knows how to do proper theme testing.

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Omega 4 tutorials - Follow up from 12/10/13 Brevard Meetup

Set up your machine

Drupalpro is a prebuilt linux environment for drupal and is updated on a regular basis. If you are a windows user, you will first need to set up a virtual box with linux. While linux is the preferred choice to theme with Omega 4, you can also use mac but will need homebrew, etc.

Mac user:
You will need to set up RVM to properly use O4. Follow these directions:

Windows user:

  1. Download and install Virtualbox
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Rearranging panel panes based on screensize

Im creating a site using the Omega theme due to my site having to be responsive.

I needs some input though on how to setup the site based on screensize.

I'm setting up my pages with Panels. Is it possible to rearrange the panel panes as the screen size changes?

I know that I can make the regions rearrange based on weight as the screen changes and I also know how to do that. My question is:

Can I make single panel panes change from one "region" to another "region" as the screensize changes?

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Omega-based Experience Creator | Clew, LLC

Employment type: 

Hi. I'm based in Lexington and currently involved with a small startup building a unique content management solution with Drupal 7.

While a lot of the functionality is in there already, there's still much to do - and the single biggest part of this is going to be the user experience.

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Block Based layout in Omega 4

Just starting out on omega 4 - which i have to say I'm every impressed by - from the outside - love the code based UI modularisation, SMACSS and serious sass/compass commitment. (I passed by on o3 in favour of zurb foundation)

So O4 is looking good, ut it's PANELS centric, and while I'm trying to be open minded here, I keep coming back to preferring BLOCKS - much out of concerns for my clients - as with

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Strange Omega theme issue...

I'm fairly new to drupal and omega, but I've created a few successful omega themes in virtual test sites. Now, when I go to put it on a live site, it winds up looking like the attached. No grid lines, just columns of text telling me that "This is a debugging block." I can put things in the blocks, functionality is there, but I have no option for changing the display (usually there's the "resize me" button, but it doesn't exist here). I've deleted and reinstalled omega (and the appropriate modules) twice, but that is all I get. There must be something simple I'm overlooking...

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