Folder permission issue IIS 7.5 regarding "Update manager" failing

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I run window server 2008 with IIS 7.5 without much knowledge on the system but running many websites.

I just entered the world of Drupal since last month.
I read so many posts and Q&A on the net but didn't find the right solution for me.

I install Drupal 7 very well. Site is running fine.
BUT when I go "update module" with update manager...
After downloading files and installing...updating...
I get errors like this-example.


Error installing / updating
File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot remove file /sites/1drupalcommerce/profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules/ctools\API.txt.


Error installing / updating
File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot remove file /sites/1drupalcommerce/profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules/rules\DEVELOPER.txt.


Error installing / updating
File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot remove file /sites/1drupalcommerce/profiles/commerce_kickstart/modules/views\CHANGELOG.txt.

Next steps

Your modules have been downloaded and updated.
Run database updates

This link(my research link saving site) showes the captured image of my screen with other issues regarding permission.
Also I captured example of my site root directory permission situation.

How do you set the right permission on which files and folders?
I try to install app for openenterprise and it is giving a lot of errors with permission issues. Some folders this app making I can't even open sometimes(not all the folders...).

My server sites are resided on
D:/sites/ ...then
Site A
Site B
Site C

Someone said put the permission on even WHOLE "sites" directory...
where more than dozens of my live sites are in it...

I would be grateful if you could capture how you set the permission on GUI...or detailed help...
Like IUSR -read write modify.../read / everything...etc...something like that.
Also if the permission should be set when I add sub directory and files also inherited permission...etc...very detailed...
As I don't know what 777 or 604 or those numbers translates if I make the changes on the folder on window...

I should learn more on Window Server system...better I know...
And I will...

What does IIS_USR, IUSR and IIS_IUSRS, USER or mean?

I sincerely thank you for any guide or help...or link...

ALSO I see drush...
What is the best way(efficient) to update anything on Drupal?
I feel that drush sounds really efficient(I have no idea now but will start to learn from tomorrow on the net with video tutorial or something if you recommend it)
Any advice would be highly appreciated for non-technical person to start this command or drush life.

All day I was trying to find the solution...but no luck yet...

Thank you!

P.S. I live in Beijing now and would like to take any one on one lesson on window server with drupal 7 from someone or company that offers anything like that. I speak Korean and English.
Also I go to Seoul Korea often.
So anyone or firm in Beijing/Seoul could train me one or two days on the subject would be great. Of course I would pay for the training.
My dream training would be like this if there is anyone who could teach me in Beijing or Seoul.

1_update_manager_error_openenterprise.gif11.11 KB
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to start with, here's an explanation on how authentication works in IIS and what the IUSR user means.

As you pointed out, you need Modify permissions on the Drupal folder to achieve that. Security must als be taken into account. I personally prefer to leave Write permissions on the "files" folder and setting the Modify permissions on the full web site only during updates.

Consider also that you might want to have a dedicated user in App Pool assigned to your web site. In that case that's the user that needs permissions on the folders.

Drush is definitely one of the best ways to upgrade a Drupal web site. There's also a Windows Drush 5 Installer available. Consider that being Drush 5 there's still some work in progress.

Talking about the training, I'm the author of the DrupalCon workshop you are referring to.
You can find here the full slide deck.

I live in Europe, a bit far away, but I'd be glad to visit Beijing :-) Let me know if you find a way to cover the traveling costs or somebody else interested in the training!

Alessandro Pilotti

WOW! Thank you so much!!!

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Hi Alessandro!
Thank you so much for fast reply with kind info and links!!! Great!
Also I am really interested in having you fly over here in Beijing! :)
Let's discuss the timing and cost!
happy_jiyoung_yun (at)

My dream comes true scenario! :)