What type of sportive activities would you like to get involved into at DrupalCon Paris?

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Morning exercise: jogging, weights, push ups...
18% (6 votes)
Regular exercise between sessions; stretching, relaxation, yoga...
15% (5 votes)
Games and casual activities; freesbee, soccer...
67% (22 votes)
Total votes: 33



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We should definitely play PETANQUE while drinking Pastis!

Right ! Let's make a

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Right !
Let's make a contest, I'll team up with you :)


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And, of course - let's not forget to have the bottle of Ricard, a few nice tall glasses, and a small chest of ice, eh? What's Petanque without Pastis? ;-)

Elders will say Pastis comes

vincent-b's picture

Elders will say Pastis comes after the petanque, but what the hell, new generations are multi-taskers, yes or not?

This is why we're not Elders.

batsonjay's picture

A little Pastis probably helps lubricate the arguments about proximity to the cochonnet.... ;-)

BTW - I've actually never played Boules. Here in Boston, we have one group that plays, but they're 90 minute drive from me. So I'll need the Pastis to dull the pain of losing so badly, too. hehehe

Petanque is a game where you

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Petanque is a game where you totally can have the "beginner's luck". It's not complicated at all. Of course some team strategy happens, but mainly you have to be the closest and eventually get rid of other's balls.
You've never played, wow, now I've got a mission in my hands.

Hey, Seems we have a great

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Seems we have a great 'Triplette' ( team of 3 ) here !

Great! Looking for balls

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Great! Looking for balls rental right now + listing the best venues. If we are enough players we can set up a lil' tournament. Most motivated players can totally have Drupal engraved ball from OBUT at http://www.laboulenoire.com/gravure.html .
I hope rental is possible, but I have to say a trip in Paris is really the occasion to get yourself your "set of three"! This can be a pretty decent beginner's set : http://www.decathlon.fr/FR/3-boules-obut-mg3-match-7099676/

2x4 ?

Isabell's picture

is cheaper :) http://www.decathlon.fr/FR/set-8-boules-68505067/
and more people can play

I bet there are also some French people in possession of Boules

We have some boules

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AF83 is a proud owner of at least 16 boules and a package of mini boules. I am sure any reasonably serious company in France has its own stock.

I may not have played, but...

batsonjay's picture

... I've:
(a) watched a number games ("learning from the Elders") while being a tourist in Provence & on St. Barths,
(b) learned what I can (without playing),
(c) bought a set of balls so I can play (IF I can ever find a court to play; I'm guessing I need to give up looking, and just build one in my back yard...), and
(d) been a "wanna-be" Boules player for several years.

So you have not just a student, but a future passionate player. ;-)

Freerunning or parkour

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Freerunning or parkour, of course!

+1 for Pétanque

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But beware. Very addictive.


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In particular, ultimate frisbee. You can play in a small space, or large, with walls, or without, as casual or intense as you like. Best sport ever.

I want it all!

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In fact, let's just have DrupalCon while doing sports. In particular I've wanted to play ultimate frisbee with kitt for a while now =)


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Hi all,
It's an unfortunate coincidence, but Drupalcon Paris is 3 weeks before the Berlin marathon, which means I must combine heavy training with the conference :-)

I'll be running most morning and evenings, and am looking for training partners.
My training will vary between 6 min miles, and 8 min miles [3.75min per km to 5min per km].

I guess this might make more sense when I have my accommodation sorted, and know where I'm staying...
but anyway, if there are any runners out there, lets hear from you!



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why don't you post a forum topic concerning this :) I am sure there are more of you out there.



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I hadn't noticed the forum on the Drupalcon site.


Football (soccer)

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I'm up for a game of football! If we get enough people, why not do something like Europe vs The Rest? There will most likely be some South Americans and Africans at the con, so the fact that yanks can't play football shouldn't be a problem* ;)

Or why not Themers vs Developers? Let the battle culminate in a friendly, fun game of football!

The ref should obviously be Druplicon.

Joakim Stai - NodeOne

*) That's a challenge!

I’ll go for Petanque.

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I’ll go for Petanque. Yeah, buddies, new generations are multi-taskers, I totally agree with you! I’ll be there with my team and with all our strategies. I love the simplicity of the game. Let’s rock! Cheers!!

Sharon Carson

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