Officially supported meta tags for Nodewords & Metatags

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Tag Nodewords?
(Drupal 6)
Meta tags?
(Drupal 7)
abstract Yes Yes
canonical URL Yes Yes
content-language No Yes
copyright Yes No
description Yes Yes
keywords Yes Yes
generator No Yes
image_src No Yes
geo.position Yes No
icbm Yes No
original-source Yes Yes
publisher No Yes
rel=author Yes Yes
revisit-after Yes Yes
rights No Yes
robots Yes Yes
short-url Yes No To be removed (#1751292).
shortlink No Yes
standout Yes No
syndication-source No No Removed, see #1776810.
title Yes Yes
Dublin Core
dc.contributor No No Removed, see #1751318.
dc.creator No No Removed, see #1751318. No No Removed, see #1751318.
dc.description No No Removed, see #1751318.
dc.publisher No No Removed, see #1751318.
dc.title No No Removed, see #1751318.
dcterms.contributor Yes Yes
dcterms.coverage No Yes
dcterms.creator Yes Yes Yes Yes
dcterms.description Yes Yes
dcterms.format No Yes
dcterms.identifier No Yes
dcterms.language No Yes
dcterms.publisher Yes Yes
dcterms.relation No Yes
dcterms.rights No Yes
dcterms.source No Yes
dcterms.subject No Yes
dcterms.title Yes Yes
dcterms.type No Yes
Open Graph
og:country_name Yes No
og:description Yes Yes
og:determiner No Yes
og:email Yes No
og:fax_number Yes No
og:image Yes Yes
og:latitude Yes No
og:locale No Yes
og:longitude Yes No
og:phone_number Yes No
og:postal_code Yes No
og:region Yes No
og:see_also No Yes
og:site_name Yes Yes
og:street_address Yes No
og:title Yes Yes
og:type Yes Yes
og:updated_time No Yes
og:url Yes Yes
og:video Yes No
og:video:height Yes No
og:video:secure_url No No
og:video:type Yes No
og:video:width Yes No
article:author No Yes
article:expiration_time No Yes
article:modified_time No Yes
article:published_time No Yes
article:publisher No Yes
article:section No Yes
article:tag No Yes
fb:app_id Yes Yes
fb:admins Yes Yes
Twitter Cards
twitter:card No Yes
twitter:site No Yes
twitter:site:id No Yes
twitter:creator No Yes
twitter:creator:id No Yes
twitter:url No Yes
twitter:title No Yes
twitter:description No Yes
twitter:image:src No Yes
twitter:image:width No Yes
twitter:image:height No Yes
twitter:player No Yes
twitter:player:width No Yes
twitter:player:height No Yes
twitter:player:stream No Yes
twitter:player:stream:content_type No Yes


Goal: keep Nodewords & Meta tags consistent

DamienMcKenna's picture

I started this page for two reasons - to help inform people what tags were supported out-of-the-box, and also to help reach feature parity between the two modules.

set to automatically generate

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set to automatically generate a keyword or description is available?


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Both Metatag and Nodewords can automatically generate the Keywords and Description fields, if your site is set up correctly and there is sufficient content. Please review the configuration options for your module of choice.

Thank you for your reply.

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Thank you.
It moved as expected.

Issue tag for Nodewords-Metatag parity

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I've started tagging issues for both modules to indicate ones that are related to keeping the modules to a feature parity: