Gallery / Wysiwig integration

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Hi all,
I've been doing some work looking at the integration of the gallery module with wysiwyg & tinymce, posted on here.

Basically it's a patch to tie gallery into the current wysiwyg module with tinymce to allow simpler g2image integration. Tied to helmo's patch for the wysiwyg hook it allows a g2image button to be used in tinymce.

I'd appreciate anyone's thought's or comments.



I can't comment directly

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I can't comment directly other than your post reminded me to post on that Issue. I do not have a g2image button. I'm guessing you are encountering my same issue?

Sorry I can't be more helpful as I'm new to this.

Gallery / Wysiwig integration

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The subject of your post got me quite excited because for some time now I've been trying to find a way to make my Gallery 2.3 comment layout/appearance the same as Drupal's comment feature (where I use TinyMCE). I've put in several hours searching the web for some user-contributed module or hack but all I can find so far is this 2 year-old thread:

I followed that suggestion to the best of my ability, but it hasn't turned out very well. The editor buttons showed up okay, but the user has to do a hard return before typing in their comment. If they don't press Enter before typing their message, they get a "You must enter a comment" error when they try to save it.

Would you have any suggestions I could try? I appreciate any advice you could provide.