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Trying to come up with a speaker or topic for our August meetup of the Jacksonville user group. We've had one volunteer to do some views work and also some users wanting to learn more about varnish and performance tuning. Anyone want to volunteer for August or another month or have ideas for other topics cover?

So I'm converting this topic to a signup/schedule of topics so it'll be easier to track. Please add to discussion if you want to give a presentation or have an idea of someone who could:


August: Git with Andrew Riley
September: Options for quickly changing homepages (Kevin Basarab)
November: Social Meetup at Aloft hotel?
December: Social Meetup at Aloft hotel?


January: Building a kickass Drupal dev environment by Jitesh

Topics to discuss:

This is a running list of topics we'd like to have speakers on. We can continue adding to this list. If you want to give a presentation on one of these topics let me know.

  • Views
  • Feeds/MIgrate Module
  • Varnish/Caching and High performance Drupal
  • Contributing to contrib
  • Drupal Coding Standards
  • Code editors/VIM for Drupal coding/VIM Drupal Tricks
  • Moving from Drupal 6 to 7
  • Symfony
  • Drupal for beginners
  • Drupal for recruiters
  • Drupal templates and theming
  • Features
  • 8.x development/Drupal Contrib
  • High Performance Drupal with Mongo
  • Drupal 7 fields, queues, etc…
  • Simpletests
  • How to use IRC



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If someone has some insight into advanced usages of GIT, especially managing environments in conjunction to or alternative with what we just learned about Drush that would be pretty cool.

I've done direct Drupal deployments with git

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I can't call myself a git expert, but I've done a few neat tricks using git - including automatic deployment to Drupal with just a 'git push'. See http://spinspire.com/article/automatic-drupal-site-deployment-git

Also, I've used git-flow - which is all-the-rage these days.

SpinSpire - Enterprise Drupal!

Jitesh - Do you want to give

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Jitesh - Do you want to give a presentation on git and some of the hooks? There were quite a few questions about integrating Drush and Git for various tasks at the last meetup so this could be a good transition.

For Varnish/Scaling I can try and see if anyone from Orlando would be willing to come up and talk about it for the September meetup. I've worked on large scale sites but not actually setting up the varnish or reverse proxy systems before. Any volunteers in Jax area or willing to come up to Jax to talk about high performance tuning?

Kevin Basarab | Mediacurrent

I can speak a bit about git

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I can speak a bit about git usage and automation. But keep me as an addon/spare. I'd rather listen to others if at all possible.

SpinSpire - Enterprise Drupal!

So I edited the main topic

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So I edited the main topic for this discussion to be a running schedule of speakers. We've got Andrew Riley lined up for August to discuss Git. I'll talk in September about options for quickly changing homepage layouts.

I also listed other topics we've mentioned as wanting to do sessions on. We just need volunteers or assignments for those. Since November/December are such crazy months with holidays I'm thinking of making both those social events moreso than actual seminar ones.

Kevin Basarab | Mediacurrent

great schedule, a suggestion

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I'd also like to see someone present on Drupal coding standards - preferably someone whose module has been accepted as a top-level project on drupal.org, and has gone through rigorous code review process.

SpinSpire - Enterprise Drupal!

Definitely a good idea. I

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Definitely a good idea. I added it to the list above. The coder module is good for that but there are still little things that can sneak up on you.

Kevin Basarab | Mediacurrent


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I have worked on Drupal for 6-7 years, live on Amelia Island, and am excited to see a local Jacksonville group. I have spoken at half a dozen DrupalCons, write for Drupal Watchdog Magazine, and can help support this group. I can talk about:

  • coding standards, coder, drupalcs, and current work
  • help us work on the 8.x upgrade path, writing coder rules, upgrades, and drupalcs sniffs
  • high performance sites, what we did at examiner with mongodb, and what we did at ITV with redis ssi, and using tools like xhprof
  • why Drupal 7 is so cool, fields, dbtng, queues
  • contributing to drupal contrib, core, tests, ux, docs, we need it all
  • the community, irc, drupalcons, contributing, talks, friends, working with great people, and how drupal has changed my life
  • writing simpletests
  • vi from a 25 year user, this could be a group session where people share their best tricks

Awesome list of topics Doug.

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Awesome list of topics Doug. I've incorporated them into the main content of of this discussion. Would you want to give a talk on October maybe on Core 8.x and contributing to Drupal (Both for devs and non devs)? With feature freeze coming up it could be a good time to go over that. I've been enjoying doing some core development and as of a few months ago I didn't even know where to start. I think it would be awesome to go over that and how you can help. Especially because we have users who are fairly new to Drupal and its a great way to learn core.

Kevin Basarab | Mediacurrent


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