Drupal Training at VIT Chennai, coordinated by IEEE

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Drupal enthusiasts in Chennai are coordination with IEEE organized a 3 day workshop. The Workshop introduced Drupal to students. Over 125 students participated this training program.

Day3 will be conducted after the students complete the exercise on Drupal at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ARWVHaDu_H0FvKM9DO2F1ixQw64TntFXs0aG...

The Schedule:
Day1 (21 July 2012):
A brief introduction about training, LAMP Stack, and Drupal
Installing Drupal (Virtualhost, settings.php, files, clean URL, mod rewrite, )
Drupal Architecture - Users Management, Content Mangement, Taxonomy, Permission
Quiz Session

Day 2 (22 July 2012):
PHP Basic (loops, conditional statements, function, etc.)
Drupal Module development (Hello world, showing welcome message on user login, Simple database CURD example, etc.)
Community & Career opportunities
Quiz Session

Day 3 (August 2012):
Discuss assignment

The trainers include:

Kamalakannan S
Saravanakumar S
Satheeshkumar R
Jothi vel moorthy
Shyamala R

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For Students

lol,. my college,. wish i was

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lol,. my college,.

wish i was there too,.

Tanay Sai
skype: tanay.co.in

It would have been great if

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It would have been great if you were around Tanay. Its not VIT- Vellore campus.. its VIT - Chennai campus.

Training results

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If any of your sites not listed in the sheet please contact the volunteers.

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