Church themes for Drupal?

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Hello all,
I am soon going to launch my church's website. We have leaned toward Drupal for many reasons, mainly it has all of the features the staff asked for initially (calender, photo gallery, staff able to add/modify content).

We have not decided on a host yet, so the official site is non-existent. But, I am a Linux user and have a box to play with and have LAMP running. So I have a testing site at .

My only problem is the looks of the site. I currently have bluemarine enabled. Are there any church based themes out there to download or purchase? I have searched and it seems everyone points back to the themes that drupal offers.

Also I think it is great that there is a church group in drupal.

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Travis: To my knowledge

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Travis: To my knowledge there aren't any "church based themes" out there. You'll have to either customize an existing theme or build a new one. I have found from experience that I was spending more time customizing an existing theme than building a new one from scratch. So, I've started building themes based on "Foundation".

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I have downloaded

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I have downloaded "foundations" and will research. So did you modify it using css?

Yes. Most all of the

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Yes. Most all of the modifications were done with the style.css file. However, I did hack several theme files (tpl.php) to get the div's, id's, and class's I needed to get a hold of in the .css. There were very specific hacks, though.

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Sorry, where can one download the foundations?