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Hey all -

Just another PSA here, to let everyone know there's now a Twitter account set up if you want to follow for meetup reminders, etc. at The group admins all have access to the password, and if one of us gets fancy, we'll set up some kind of hashtag retweeter system.

Also, just wanted to remind you all about the #drupal-vancouver channel on (more info on how to use IRC), which is always there if you want to chat with the other Vancouver Drupallers, ask for help, etc. Feel free to use it for discussions, meetings, code sprints, etc. that are of interest to the group - the channel will be what we make of it, so don't be shy, get on there!

Stay cool!




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Thanks for posting this! Great to see so many locals on there. Looking forward to the next meetup.


Also Chatterous

Boris Mann's picture -- runs in the browser, plus you can also hook it up to your chat account if you like.

OR go to to try and get to drupal-vancouver in your browser.

I tried the link

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I tried the link, but it doesn't work. Any suggestions?

Kathryn Laan, Senior Web Developer
Follow us on Twitter

Other options


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There is also IRC support in Adium which is nice to have integrated with the rest of your chat services

Update: A lot of us are also

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Update: A lot of us are also in #drupal-pnw to connect with our fellow Drupalists in the Pacific Northwest. Viva Cascadia!

Katy - Chatterous is a

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Katy - Chatterous is a totally separate service from IRC that Boris had set up experimentally, it's not being used anymore. You can join on IRC if you want to connect with others, on the #drupal-vancouver or #drupal-pnw channels. (More info on using IRC at if you need it.)


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