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Drupal 8 social network integration rewritten (thanks Google)

Drupal 8 social network integration and functionality is being rewritten and harmonised thanks to Google grant. Expect more unified social network user interaction and config management.

Tomorrow's (Wednesday's) Drupal Social API call (Hangout On Air) 3pm CEST 27 July 2016. Join at
We'll post exact invite code just before 3pm CEST. Be ready for it – headsets recommended.

To be included in future weekly calls follow
and join

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Posting GSoC to Drupal's Official Social Media Accounts

GSoC 2014 application requests our official social media pages. To be honest, it took me several minutes to track them down. Maybe I missed it, but I could not easily find links to the official Drupal twitter, facebook, g+. On another note, who manages these social media accounts and how do we setup a post about GSoC2014?

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Twitter feed and more.

Quick update on the twitter feed for this group

Hopefully the twitter feed will become one the main points of information for this group and Drupal in Bristol.

Follow @drupalbristol and if you appear to be Drupally and/or relevant it will follow you back (that includes Digital agencies, Software shops, Designers etc. etc).

If you tweet anything particularly significant and Drupally (including job vacancies IF they look genuine), then that will be re-tweeted to all the followers.

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OpenScholar 2.0RC1 Twitter Feed not updating

Hello all,
One of my users just noticed that their Twitter feed hasn't updated for a little over a week now, right around the same time I upgraded OS to version 2.0RC1. Could it be related to the upgrade or perhaps because Twitter has changed the way their API works and the Twitter Pull module hasn't been upgraded yet? Anyone else run into this issue?

Thank you,

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Social Media Expert | UN Habitat

Employment type: 

Knowledge management support would like to hire a consultant with the major responsibility of using social media, to increase usage and engagement of UN-Habitat’s knowledge platforms , and to support the agency’s resource mobilization efforts


  1. Develop a social media strategy to increase visibility, membership and traffic across the agency’s knowledge platforms, particularly the Urban Gateway and action plan to guide its implementation.
  2. Guide implementation of priority areas of the strategy relating to:
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Un field o campo con embed de cuenta Twitter pretedeterminada

Saludos amigos, intento crear un campo o field que tenga insertado un código de un botón de cuenta Twitter (abajo código) , de manera que cuando un usuario se loguee se incluya como un campo de autor. La idea es que cada vez que ingrese no coloque reiteradamente el código, sino que este esté insertado automáticamente en un campo. Alguna vez me sugirieron poner todo en el node,tpl.php pero no es lo que quiero.

Gracias por la ayuda de antemano.

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How to push latest news enteries directly to Facebook and Twitter


I have a client who would like to push their latest news / mini blog auto-magically out to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Is there a module for this?
Or can anyone recommend a preferred method for doing this?
I scoured the net but did not find a suitable method.

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@DrupalNYC on Twitter

I'm working on breathing some life into our Twitter account, which is @DrupalNYC. It will be used more actively to promote listed events and GDO discussions, and maybe RT interesting Drupal-related things from you all.

If you want me to follow you on that account, please post your handle here and I will do so!

We don't really have any plan or guidelines in place, but I'm hoping to draft something up in the next few weeks to post here for feedback. If you have thoughts, please feel free to let me know!

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Social Networking, Sales & Marketing Contract | Quevin, LLC

Employment type: 

Quevin (kweh-vin)—the business—prides itself on effective methods of planning, designing, and developing exceptional Drupal based websites. It focuses on standards compliant, Drupal-based development with professional project management, creative web design, and experienced programming personnel. Quevin is dedicated to delivering projects on time and on budget, while paying attention to all the details that will make our client's projects successful.

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Sobre botones para redes sociales, ¿El mejor es Easy Social?

Saludos amigos...Instalé Easy Social para la botonera de redes sociales (Twitter, Facebook, etc), pero no lo veo muy funcional porque le faltan los botones de Share de FB. Otro problema es que tampoco está traducido. Mi duda es si algunos conocen una mejor opción que "Easy Social".


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